WDAY: The News Leader

Published February 12, 2010, 02:47 PM

New snow blade to make plowing more efficient

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Next time it snows, people in Fargo will see a new "King of the Road." Today at the Red River Fairgrounds the North Dakota D-O-T showed off its new snow blade.

The tow plow hooks behind a regular plow truck and holds two huge barrels filled with a salt brine. It has rear axle control and when the driver steers it out and drops the blade it has a plowing range of 24 feet, wider than two plow trucks put together. DOT workers say it will make them more efficient, especially where interstates running through Fargo.

"We got it right here in Fargo. We're glad to have it. It's really going to help us out."

With that wing extending out from the truck, DOT is concerned about drivers coming up from behind to fast, see the truck on the left side and not realize the new plow is in the right lane.

"That's something that could easily happen with this if someone were to pass in the snow fog, so motorists really need to stay back give it some time, don't pass in that snow fog. "

If you're wondering how the driver knows where the blade goes over there is actually a laser on top of the cab that shoots down and gives the driver a mark point.

"I can always use it for gage around guard rails or past signs something that may be closer to the road, I know where it's at and I can just swing my tow plow back in to go around them and then swing it back out."

After today we now know there are a couple of people in Fargo excited for the next snowfall. This is the first plow like this in North Dakota. It will be worked mostly in the Fargo area.