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Published February 16, 2010, 08:30 AM

Snow days to cost kids some precious vacation time

Hankinson, ND (WDAY TV) - The weekend snowfall followed by high winds has several communities still digging out and have forced several area schools to start late all week. It may be fun for students, but school officials say these "late starts" are costing kids precious vacation time.

Snow and ice cover nearly every rural road in the southern valley.

JESS SMITH/HANKINSON SUPERINTENDENT: "You can't really tell where the road is, where the ditch meets the road."

For rural schools, the hardest part is getting kids into school. Especially with many ditches filled with snow, causing a lot of drifting. Today, that meant, yet another postponed school start: the fourth one for Hankinson Schools this year. Not to mention two snow days.

"This is an unusual year."

But for students like senior Dwight Anderson, he knows each wintry day they get, will once again, have to be made up, later. And this year: it's over Easter break.

DWIGHT ANDERSON/HANKINSON SENIOR: "You hear you don't have school so you look forward to that but while you're sitting at home, you look outside and you can't do much anyway."

As for the interrupted learning?

LARRY SKJOITEN/PHYSICS TEACHER: "I don't think it suffers a whole lot.”

That may be because each equation and formula missed, is packed in after the storm has passed.

"They, they kind of throw it at you hard."

"I tend to pick it up a little bit more on the day after since we did have a break."

So when teens see a lot of this, they know a relaxing day will probably be followed with a lot of work. Last year, Governor John Hoeven forgave North Dakota schools that missed because of flooding and snow days.