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Published February 16, 2010, 07:50 AM

Minnesota House votes in favor of the "Red River Amendment"

(WDAY TV) - The Minnesota House has voted in favor of the "Red River Amendment" to the Public Works Bonding Bill.

By: WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

The move forbids the state from spending money on a Fargo-Moorhead diversion unless the Corps takes more steps to prevent flooding downstream. The proposal passed 92 to 37.

State Representative Kent Eken (EE-KEN) says he voted in favor of the amendment in that bonding bill. He says places like Perley, Hendrum, and Georgetown need to be protected from flooding too.

REP. EKEN: "I'm concerned that just because they're from smaller communities, then don't have the economic and political muscle that Fargo-Moorhead might. That they could be overlooked and not included in the solution here."

Representative Eken says the solution is retention and he says that studies done by the Red River Basin Commission's Engineer shows that retention would lower the Red by 20 percent.