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Published January 29, 2010, 02:08 PM

Valley City police department lends a hand

Valley City, ND (WDAY TV) - A veteran Valley City Police officer is fighting a serious battle with cancer, for the second time. In June, Lois Cahoon got the news that she's in stage four of metastatic breast cancer. Since then, she's been traveling back and forth to Grand Forks to get chemotherapy treatments.

While her insurance covers most costs, Cahoon has to foot the bill for things like gas money, and hotels. Now, the men and women who have worked by her side for 15 years are lending a hand. Lois Cahoon says what she likes about this department is that it's small, and almost like a second family. Now, it's that second family that she's been a part of for nearly two decades, who's coming to her rescue.

“Oh, nobody wants to hear that, nope, nope, that's bad news, nobody wants to hear that.”

The devastating news came last summer: the cancer was back, this time, stage four.

“Awful, I mean, it's just very awful. But you've got to just keep going forward.

Round two of Lois' battle with cancer isn't going as well as she hoped, but you'd never be able to tell. She still comes to work with her mile-wide smile and energetic personality.

“A warrior is a sign of someone who comes in conflict with something. This is a conflict against her, her well-being and she's fighting it like a true warrior.

“Well, it beats lying at home and moping, that gets you nowhere.”

Co-workers say Lois is an inspiration, someone they want to keep around, which is why they're putting on a benefit in her honor to raise money and help her win this fight.

“You need somebody to support you and back you up, and I hope that's what we're doing. We can't do a whole lot else. We just have to be there for her and support her.”

News of the benefit didn't surprise Lois, she says when you work with the best, expect the best. And it means more days of doing what she loves most, being on duty, protecting and serving.

Lois' benefit will be held February 27th at the Valley City Eagles club. All of the money goes directly to help Lois. You can also drop off money donations at the First Community Credit Union in Valley City.