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Published January 28, 2010, 08:06 AM

Carrying on their mother's legacy

Ulen, Minn. (WDAY TV) - It's a tragedy most cannot comprehend, life changing in an instant. A young wife, the mother of 2 young children, killed in a car accident and now, you can play a role in their lives.

These little fingers and tiny feet have an important task at hand and some big footsteps to follow. Carrying on their mother Afton Braseth's legacy, Killed in this accident on Highway 75 in Moorhead two Saturdays ago.

“She was a wonderful mother. Always knew what to do.”

Nolan Braseth's now left to answer the tough questions by himself, like when Ansley asks where's Mommy? Nolan tells him, she's up in heaven with their old dog Oscar, and now we talk to Mommy through pictures.

“There's no answer to why. There's no answer to the what-ifs. There isn't any answer to that so the only thing I can do is concentrate on the kids, concentrate on providing the best future I can for our kids.”

Nolan's kids remind him everyday of his 27-year old wife; Ansley with her energy, Aylie with her smile.

“That's been really what's gotten me through things is they find joy in the simplest of things and you have to kind of join them in that joy.”

Nolan's taking several weeks off from his job as an Engineer at the Tharaldson Ethanol Plant, but soon will be back at work a few days at a time. Afton was the one staying home with the kids. That task may now go to Grandma. Nolan says it'll be hard saying bye for the day, but he'll never let go of the family's nighttime routine.

“It's was mostly just the time we spent. It was mostly the time every night we made sure to spend all together, you know, doing what we enjoy.”

Which is what?

“Being with our kids together. They were her pride and joy. They meant everything to her and they were definitely, definitely her legacy.”

A legacy that lives on in energy, smiles, and comfort for Dad. To support Ansley and Aylie's futures, two of Afton's friends set up a college fund. You can contribute at State Bank and Trust in Fargo. Nolan wanted us to stress how grateful he is for all the community support he's been given so far.