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Published January 22, 2010, 02:04 PM

Officials recommend keeping your generator outside

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A Fargo business isn't wasting any time to help its customers gear up for this latest bout of bad weather. Northern Tool and Equipment just received in a large semi-truck full of generators.

Workers will now stock the items. 85 are on hand for people to buy. Its first come, first serve and sales are final. You can call the business to hold on purchase a generator. This is the first time this winter the company has had to deal with this type of emergency.

“This is what we had available in a short period of time. We got this order coming first thing this morning. We've been watching the weather for all of this and trying to respond as quickly as we could to it.”

Many people may be forced to use generators during this ice and snow storm. Fire officials say you should not run your generator in places like your garage or inside your home because of the possible build up of carbon monoxide or other gasses.

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Balstad says check with an electrician to make sure you have the proper size and type of generator for your home. That way they can also approve any connections to other devices. Also, check fluid levels and make sure the generator has been started recently and ready to run.

"People are going to be thinking about it and so if you are considering using a generator or any gas or fuel driven equipment, make sure it's being properly used and properly connected to other appliances."

Officials say the easiest thing is just keep your generator outside somewhere. It can be run inside for electricity. Never connect a generator into a home using a "reverse plug" such as a stove or dryer outlet.