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Published January 27, 2010, 09:17 AM

Further Review: If I could change the world

(WDAY Sports) - Well, many of you know that I’m taking a new job in a couple weeks and this is my last week on the air here at WDAY, which means that this is the final edition of Further Review. So tonight, with the help of one of the greatest musicians of all time, here is a dreamer’s list of things that would happen if I could change the world.

The first thing I’d do is have the Vikings win the big game, but I might be willing to just settle for just an NFC title. The Wild would win the Stanley Cup; the Spuds would finally win it all.

The Twins would realize that playing baseball in Minnesota in April and October means you probably need some sort of a retractable roof. I'd bring back some of those great rivalries I used to cover. The Bison and Sioux, it sounds like that's in the works, good thing.

Remember when the Cobbers and Dragons had the whole town for a day and in the high schools, Fergus and D-L should play, they just should. Remember when the Spuds used to play the Fargo teams? What happened to that?

I can only hope that someday coaches won't lie when asked about other jobs, a simple no comment would do. I hope that professional teams will someday stop telling us how important the fans and media are, and admit that the fans and media money is all they really care about.

And I hope that someday we'll see how foolish our society looks when we pay coaches millions of dollars to buy out their contracts so we can overspend on a new guy. If I could change the world, we wouldn't spend millions to tear down palaces so that we can spend billions on new palaces.

We'd sign teachers and coaches to multi-million dollar salaries, not these guys. I'd let everyone in the world have 2 weeks like I've had, to hear so many people say so many nice things about you. Everyone should get that at least one.

I can only hope someday we can again say 1-AA football and Moorhead State. And that the Kerstinator will rule the roller derby world. I can only hope that the Dragons do start hockey, so all those who look down their nose at MSUM athletics would have to think again.

And while I'm thinking big, if I could change the world I'd have enough money to rent out Hawaii for a week and fly everyone at WDAY there for an all expense paid vacation. Cause the thing is the job, that's not so hard to leave. It's all these guys and if I could change the world, you'd get to work with people this cool. They are the best and I will miss them all.