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Published January 20, 2010, 10:04 AM

City of Fargo and NDSU share cost of parking ticket processing

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - North Dakota State University owes money every time you get a ticket in Fargo. For every parking ticket written in Fargo, NDSU pays the city a fee, even if they are given no where near campus. This after the school announces a $2-and-a-half million dollars budget shortfall.

January to September 2009, NDSU issued about 11-thosuand tickets and paid 1.39 per ticket for processing. The city of Fargo issued almost twice that amount, about 21-thosuand tickets. NDSU paid ten cents for each of those too.

The reason, says NDSU Parking Transportation Manager Rob Lynch, is to avoid the cost of expensive infrastructure needed to process tickets here.

β€œIt would require staff, more space for processing, and a system to handle credit card payments. It is quite a price tag.”

The city charges NDSU ten cents per ticket because that's how much more the city's hired processing company raised its price to add the university's workload. That means if Fargo started issuing more tickets, NDSU would still be bound to its dime a ticket deal.

β€œAt the end of day, it is still a good deal.”

MSUM does its own ticket processing. MSUM's Parking Communications Manager says they've considered hiring out the work, but unlike NDSU, it would be to a company that charges based on the school's ticket revenue, not the number of tickets issued in the entire city. Stein says NDSU does have the option to cancel its contract with 60 days notice.