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Published January 18, 2010, 09:07 AM

Frazee teen recovers from cardiac arrest

(WDAY TV) - A Frazee, Minnesota teenager continues an amazing recovery at MeritCare's children's hospital tonight after going into cardiac arrest at the high school. After no pulse or heart beat, school staff and E-M-T’s were able to bring him back. Unresponsive for hours, family says he is now conscious and talking.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

“Wonderful… the doctor came in this morning and he said I just can't believe it.”

Inside MeritCare's children's hospital tonight, nothing short of a miracle.

“I just could not believe it.”

17-year old Brady Breitenfeldt is recovering in pediatric intensive care after collapsing in his Frazee chemistry class. No life left in him.

“They called for rescue and the one kid yelled for the teacher and she yelled for her husband and they did CPR.”

It was the quick thinking of those teachers and the Frazee EMS to bring him back using the school's defibrillator to save his life.

“No he was out for 17 minutes. No pulse and no nothing when they were doing CPR.”

The Frazee wrestler went from unresponsive early in the weekend to.

“He is a wrestler. He almost took out for nurses trying to get out of bed.”

Now there is even better news today regarding a brain MRI scan.

“There is no brain damage.”

The un-known is still scary. While Brady has suffered occasional heart issues, nothing like this. And so specialists will now try to figure out exactly how and why Brady’s heart stopped. Brady's wrestling coaches have been up to visit him. The team plans on seeing him once he is in a private room.