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Published January 17, 2010, 09:25 AM

Lancaster, MN Man Leaving For Haiti

Jim Hewitt works as a Deputy Sheriff in Kittson County. He and his wife have 13 children, including three orphans they adopted from Haiti 15 years ago.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

Hewitt: "It's something we thought we should do, and fell in love with the kids."

For those same reasons his 26-year old daughter Lacey left for Haiti last August to help out orphans.

Hewitt: "She just wanted to do something that was rewarding, something that was contributing to help people out. She fell in love with the people and I don't know if I'll ever get her back now."

When the quake struck, Hewitt says it was hard to describe the relief when they did finally hear from Lacey.

Everyone in the village of 100 people survived, they considered themselves very lucky.

Hewitt: "Around there it's just terrible, she says almost all of her neighbors were killed. There are casualties everywhere you go. They don't know what do to do with all the dead bodies."

Thats why Jim will leave tomorrow for Haiti to see Lacey. He plans on taking 3 weeks off from work to help where he can, including making repairs to the orphanage and village.

Hewitt: "Just ensure Lacey is safe down there, Assess the situation see if I need to bring her home."

Lacey is just one of many American's in Haiti who are helping with the large number of homeless children. Hewitt would like to see if some of the red tape could be waved to make it easier for American families to adopt some children before the crisis makes that more difficult.

Hewitt: "Just the babies that don't have no one to care for them. Americans leave, there is no one to care for these babies. that's the reason it will be hard to get Lacey home, Because just she is not going to walk away from babies that are not going to be cared for."