WDAY: The News Leader

Published January 14, 2010, 09:04 AM

Arrests down after ingredients in meth are regulated

(WDAY TV) - It appears meth dealers in our region are going solo after a significant decrease in meth busts in recent years because it's harder to get key ingredients, and some big operations were shut down. The Drug Enforcement Administration says the people making meth are mostly just doers, not dealers.

Meth is made with all kinds of hazardous materials including some cleaning products. When the state started regulating the purchase of key ingredients like pseudophedrin, the Drug Enforecement Administration saw a decrease in cases, but they say the cases are also changing.

Special Agent Jeff Behrmann says, since October, the local agency cleaned up two meth labs in Fargo. He says there may have been others investigated by other agencies. He says it appears people are making less meth, enough for one or two people at one time. Probably, he says because it's gotten so hard to get the right ingredients.

While he says it's a good thing there's less of these dangerous chemicals being mixed, he says the process is still concerning.

There are still the same dangers for them. The environment, the community, and the toxic waste products of the process are still there.”

Behrman says there are so many controls on the precursors to making meth that it can't see the drug ever making a big comeback in our area.