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Published January 14, 2010, 08:52 AM

Fargo school district takes action against fighting on the bus

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Some Fargo parents are upset at the school district after what they call bullying on the bus. The district is now taking safety steps in buses that have been the scene of those problems.

By: Travis Skonseng, WDAY

The changes come after a fight between two Fargo South girls. The police are even involved. Those students have been disciplined. Disciplinary action could be suspension from school or riding bus, still no comfort for some parents.

For many children riding bus is the best part of their day. They get to hang with friends, but lately times have changed.

“There’s just so much bullying and there should be.”

Adrienne Radtke is now picking up her two kids from school. She doesn't want them on the bus anymore.

“I’d rather just take them to and from and know they're safe and okay.”

“She’s really concerned I might get hit or something.”

Radtke's 17-year old son, Robert, has witnessed the name calling and fighting firsthand.

“Started hitting others, people get out of their seat and hit them back.”

“It makes me kind of mad the bus driver won't pull over and address the issue or call me if something happens.”

Now the district is making changes, its added hidden cameras and a security officer to the bus in question.

“We feel confident it's been taken care of and if there continues to be a problem, we'll have to do some different things.”

With about 10,500 students in the district, leaders say there's no more a problem here than elsewhere.

“From time to time somebody will get on somebody's nerves and explode, but for the most part, our buses are safe and orderly.”

Radtke disagrees. She says if bullying on the bus is already starting earlier, she's more worried come high school.

“I wish they would've done something sooner than this.”

The changes are at no additional cost to taxpayers. Security officers are already on staff. Every bus is also mounted and wired for cameras, but they are moved to problem buses. Buresh says one option if bullying is still a problem is to split that bus route in to two. Valley Bus, which is contracted by the district, declined to comment or allow us to video on any bus.