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Published January 03, 2010, 07:52 AM

Cold temperatures bring winter activities to a crawl

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - This weather is causing businesses to suffer at places where it’s busy on a nice day and absolutely empty on a cold day. Workers at the sledding hill on Dike West say days like today are boring! On an average weekend day, they'll have nearly 200 sledders. On a cold one, they're lucky to get 15 all day! That low number gives them plenty of time to keep the hot chocolate stocked up.

By: Todd Kurtz, WDAY

“On cold days, everybody that comes in here probably buys a hot chocolate because it is so cold, but again there are 15 versus 200."

Temperatures are so cold outside exposed skin can get frost bit within minutes, but for one area family, that's something easily avoided by bundling up tight. They had no problems hitting the sledding hills.

11 year-old McKenna Gruba and her little sister Eliza are taking full advantage of this empty hill. The two live on a hobby farm outside of Colfax. They say the hill is a bit more of a rush than what they're used to back home.

"We usually hook our dogs up to the dog sled and she pulls us."

"They just like to go out and climb on the hills and have snowball fights and make forts and things in the snow."

The family usually makes it to the hill a couple times every winter and mom made sure both girls were bundled up for this trip.

"I told them since it was so cold; we probably wouldn't go for very long. I don't think they can feel the cold, they'd keep going for hours if we'd let them.”

The girls say this frigid weather is perfect. They'd rather have it freezing cold with no one here than warm temperatures and a packed snow hill.

"It’s really fun because you don't have to worry about running over anybody"

"You don't have to kind of wait for the other people to go down."

The sisters didn't deny it being cold; they took breaks in the truck every few times down, but nothing could outweigh those perks for a great day on the hill.