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Published October 24, 2009, 03:04 PM

Rival towns take each other on at the playoffs

(WDAZ TV) - Two rival towns took on each other in the North Dakota nine man football playoffs.

By: Joel Porter, WDAZ

(WDAZ TV) - Two rival towns took on each other in the North Dakota nine man football playoffs. Defending State Champion Hillsboro battled Thompson. The two have a long history in sports. You'd have a hard time finding more evenly matched teams. Both squads made the playoffs last year and both had eight wins coming into today.

It was another page in the rivalry of two football teams as they took the field today. Hillsboro and Thompson, two teams used to traveling hundreds of miles for football playoff games, finally got a shot at one another.

Kim Weber/ Thompson Fan: “It's just fun to be able to play a nice close team instead of having to travel so far away and play other teams.”

Jon Hjelmstad/ Thompson High Principal: “Hillsboro and Thompson have been fighting back and forth for many years and this is going to be an awesome game, it's a classic and we're well matched.”

Hillsboro had bragging rights after winning a state title one year ago. But it was Thompson that proved victorious in the teams' last meeting. Since then, Hillsboro has won eight straight games.

Russ Waters/ Hillsboro Fan: “Last year it was expected, this year, it's just gravy, kids worked hard; they have good coaching and tip your hat to them.”

Kim Weber/ Thompson Fan: “I have a senior playing this year and this has probably been his dream since he was a water boy, so this is pretty exciting to be able to have a home game and get a bye last week and the boys are pretty excited and pumped up.”

Fans and parents say no matter how many times the Burros and Tommies meet, the atmosphere isn't hostile and it's not petty. They say it's just two very good teams playing football.

“Tell the truth, we're better now than I thought we'd be.”

Kim Weber/ Thompson Fan: “A lot of these boys are friends with the boys on the Hillsboro team and they've always wanted to play them and now when you have a great big playoff game, this is going to be exciting.”