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Cosmic dust cooks up life's favorite beverage
I've never been much of a cook though I do make a pretty tasty chili. Now it turns out I've been bested by little more than sunlight and dust. A research team, led by John Bradleyof the University o...
2/20/14 at 2:04 PM
Aurora alert Feb. 19-20 - it's back! 2/20/14 at 12:30 AM
Saturn's auroras dance the solar samba in cool new video 2/11/14 at 2:12 PM FARGO SOUTH THEATRE
Fargo South High School presents winter play...
2/15/14 at 8:59 PM THE NEW FORTY
Until I am blue in the face...
Well, here I am again - up late watching the weather and wondering to what extent Monday will function as a typical Monday. I am no longer alone in expressing exasperation of patience as it relates to...
1/26/14 at 11:57 PM
Brutal. 12/28/13 at 10:25 PM
Winter weather in North Dakota is very unforgiving... 12/6/13 at 10:09 PM NORTH DAKOTA OUTDOORS AND BEYOND
ND deer season is 24 hours old
Early returns favor the deer, but it's a 16 1/2 day season not 24 hours. As it stands the wind and corn are the biggest obstacles. Standing corn gives plenty of food/cover for deer. The wind holds dee...
Thwarted plans
I had such big plans. Well, ok, not big. But firmly cemented in my mind. I have such a huge list of garden chores to be completed in the next two weeks, that I figured I'd better not wait to start un...
5/16/13 at 3:46 PM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Wind Power -- for and by Small, Ordinary People
Sunday I spent the entire day reading. For hours and hours I absorbed myself in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, co-written by William Kamkwamba, the proponent of the tale, and Bryan Mealer. I was dra...
4/23/13 at 1:40 PM
Harvesting Rainwater & Harnessing Wind 4/22/13 at 6:32 PM UND NEWS
UND Wind Ensemble to present Spring “Bandancing” Concert, Monday, April 22
The University of North Dakota Wind Ensemble, under the direction of James Popejoy, will present a spring concert on Monday, April 22, at 8 p.m. The performance will be held at the Chester Fritz Audi...
4/19/13 at 4:10 PM
UND Wind Ensemble first North Dakota band to play prestigious Seattle music clinic 11/28/12 at 12:17 PM
National Science Foundation funds SUNRISE summer Research Experience for Undergraduates at UND 5/9/12 at 4:02 PM 2 WHEELER
The weather was supposed to warm up Wednesday. It did -- but only technically. As I pedaled away from home shortly after 9 a.m. that day, the National Weather Service Willmar webpage, reported it wa...
4/6/13 at 12:03 AM THE FARM BLEAT
When the wind blows
I was sitting near a window, eating lunch on Wednesday, when I noticed a large piece of cardboard skipping through the parking lot, going completely airborne every once in a while thanks to our lovely...
What is Affecting Your Roof’s Performance?
If you are wondering if your asphalt roof is getting past its peak, it probably is. Asphalt roofs are made to withstand lots of beatings from the weather, but over time the material will succumb to ...
Measuring Snowfall
Measuring snow can often more art than science. On occasion the snow falls straight down and most of the reports in a small area are approximately the same. There is always going to be natural variati...
11/15/12 at 7:15 AM
Gusty 10/7/11 at 8:46 AM
Perspective 6/8/11 at 1:26 PM NDAD INSIGHT
Helpful benefit, encouraging cancer news buoy EGF's Helen Garcia
Even though she felt quite worn out following surgery in Illinois Sept. 6 to remove a cancerous lump from her left breast, Helen Garcia says these are decidedly feel good days for her. A Sept. 8 bene...
9/20/12 at 1:42 PM
Today is benefit for little Teagan in Grand Forks 9/16/12 at 9:20 AM
Helping Helen: Fundraiser set for East Grand Forks resident, Grafton native 8/9/12 at 4:55 PM STAFF BLOGCAPITOL CHATTER
Obama touts advances in wind power
Wind is a major topic on President Barack Obamas campaign swing through Iowa, and not by chance the White House today released a report showing wind power use is growing. The report shows Minnesota p...
8/14/12 at 12:10 PM
Tuesday meeting to start writing disaster-relief bill 8/2/12 at 1:18 PM
Franken seeks tax credits for small wind-power producers 10/23/11 at 4:38 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Students experience wind power at DMI
Washington Elementary 5th grade studentsin Rob Arneson's class had an onsite lesson Friday on renewable energy from experts at DMI Industries in West Fargo.They learned about basic electricity and r...
Wind Lessons Make Big Impression
Bottineau County elementary school students havediscovered a simple saltine cracker can teach them aboutwind energy. These youngsters were among about 4,100 North Dakota students who joined millions...
2/15/12 at 9:10 AM
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