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Public invited to UND, Canadian Consulate General symposium on Canadian Arctic on Nov. 5
Famed polar explorer Will Steger to join experts on Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913; UND alumnus led famed search for new lands, resources 100 years ago Join the Consulate General of Canada and...
10/31/13 at 9:08 AM
Consulate General of Canada and UND announce Nov. 5 symposium on the Canadian Arctic 10/16/13 at 9:43 AM
UND students to hold first-ever 'Science Café' in Grand Forks Thursday, May 2 5/1/13 at 5:04 PM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Christmas in July
From Start Your Week with Steve, the weekly newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art Steve Says: "This last week, it was 100-plus degrees outside, and since my studio is not air conditioned, it wasn...
7 Simple Steps to Estate Planning
No one likes to think about when our time will be up, and our final breath is taken. Although we all know death will come someday, many of us avoid thinking about it, and how it may affect our loved o...
5/7/13 at 2:18 PM
Ring in the New Year with a Financial Check Up 12/31/12 at 9:21 AM STAFF BLOGCAPITOL CHATTER
House OKs health funding amid hospital payment questions
By Don Davis Minnesota state representatives approved 70-64 a health-care spending bill late Monday without knowing how it would affect hospitals around the state. Most Democrats favored the bill ...
4/22/13 at 11:17 PM
Legislative notebook: Dayton backs new Iron Ore Alliance 2/21/13 at 9:47 AM REEL TALK: LET'S TALK FILM, TV, THEATRE, AND A BIT OF POP CULTURE
MONDAY MIX: Lemonhead
I'd never heard of Will Sasso and I'd never heard of Vine. I was recently introduced to both, and already, I'm a fan. Vine an an app, much like Instagram, but users area able to record and post mini-...
4/15/13 at 9:53 AM READ OILFIELD WIVES
The Oilfield Cafe: Pineapple Chicken
One day a few weeks ago, my husband came home from his two-week hitch raving about some pineapple chicken a friend's wife had made for them and carrying a bowl for of leftovers for me. Pineapple? And...
3/29/13 at 11:01 AM REPUBLIC INSIDER
Johnson will announce plans Tuesday
Tim Johnson is coming home to make his announcement. It's very difficult to not see this as a retirement speech from the most successful politician in South Dakota history. Johnson, 66, is widely exp...
Will Ferrell Adds "Security Guard" to Resume
For some reason probably only apparent to him, Will Ferrell worked as a security guard at the Los Angeles Lakers game last night at the Staples Center. And of course, it was funny. And convincing. "...
2/13/13 at 10:07 AM
Knife Guys 1/15/13 at 2:25 PM
The Campaign: Reviewed 8/15/12 at 11:10 AM LIVING IN RETIREMENT
Have Your Say The Advance Directive Way
Advance Directives are a way to "have your say" about the type of care you receive (or don't receive) in the event you suffer a catastrophic medical event, such as a stroke or an accident, that leav...
1/11/13 at 9:37 AM
When it is Too Late Write Your Living Will? 6/1/12 at 4:02 PM PEACE GARDEN MAMA
faith fridays: the will to live
My mom isn't prone to being easily rattled. So when she says something like, "Is there any chance you can get away for a visit?" I know it's time to be attentive. She said these words to me the other...
1/4/13 at 1:01 AM REEL QUICKIES
The Men in Blackmovies have had quite a following since the first one came out in the 90s. It was a satisfying blend of humor, ingenuity, and action. The second movie was good, too. And now there's a ...
6/1/12 at 6:38 AM LEND A HAND
Lend A Hand to Kay Modin
Join us on Saturday, June 2nd at the Fargo Teamsters starting at 4:00 for a pasta feed, bake sale and silent auction. A dance will follow at 8:00. All proceeds will benefit Kay Modin. DMF Lend AHand i...
5/31/12 at 3:59 PM SLIGHTLY CHILLED
What was expected was confirmed Sunday when Moorhead goaltender Michael Bitzer won the Frank Brimsek Award for Minnesota's best senior goaltender. Bitzer, 18, was the wire-to-wire front runner for th...
3/11/12 at 2:17 PM
Treats... 3/3/12 at 3:21 PM
Leaving So Soon... 3/1/12 at 2:14 PM IT'S MY OPINION
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Reportedly Seperated
click here for more...
8/23/11 at 12:38 PM HEALTHY TIDBITS
Andy Elwell
Have you ever listened to Andy Elwell's CD? I just love the song, The Morning Sun. It is on a You Tube Video: You can order his CD (No One Will Ever Know)o...
6/16/11 at 5:40 PM
Native American Women More Likely (2x's) to Die of Cancer in MN 11/17/10 at 6:27 PM
How Will Health Care Effect You In Your State? 7/3/10 at 10:53 AM
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