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1976 North Dakota State Class B Wrestling Tournament
The school is the center of virtually every small North Dakota town. When the schools athletic teams do well, they become a source of pride for the entire community. When a team makes it all the way...
11/11/13 at 12:17 PM
Velva Junior Prom 1980 4/29/12 at 9:01 PM
The Return to National Prominence 1/14/12 at 1:02 PM NDAD INSIGHT
On his final ride, Harold Ennis, 94, 'smiled all the way'
  By Mike Brue On a pleasant August day this year, Harold Ennis got a good, long look at the miles of northwest North Dakota countrysidearound Tagus,the now-unincorporated North Dakotatown wher...
Velva, North Dakota, determines return dates for businesses, residents
A tentative date of Thursday, June 30th, has been scheduled for Velva businesses to return to the city and Friday, July 1st, a return for those residing in the evacuated areas. These dates on continge...
6/28/11 at 2:01 PM
Photos from the Velva, North Dakota, flood 6/27/11 at 4:54 PM
Crested in Velva (North Dakota) 6/27/11 at 12:37 PM STAFF BLOGTHE N.D. CAPITOL AND BEYOND
Bob Schieffer speaks at N.D. event
BISMARCKEric Sevareids understanding of the role of a journalist stands in remarkable contrast to practices seen today, Bob Schieffer said Thursday. The CBS veteran journalist was a featured speaker ...
9/30/10 at 8:57 PM NDSU NEWS
Bresciani Travels to Western ND
NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani took a trip to western ND to visit with legislators, community leaders, alumni and NDSU extension folks on July 14 & 15. President Bresciani visiting with Rep. Na...
7/19/10 at 5:51 AM