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Savings 101: Emergency Savings vs. Periodic Savings
Everyone knows that having money set aside in savings is important, but either we cant afford toput awaymoney right now or we choose not to because living in the present is much more enjoyable. When y...
4/7/14 at 1:34 PM
The Benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan 3/12/14 at 1:01 PM
What Is A 529 College Savings Plan? 3/6/14 at 10:11 AM THE NEW FORTY
One poorly placed flag could start an international incident...
I like the shopping site quite a bit. I think they have some good deals there and I try and check in on the site about once a week to see what is new. Their prices on items are typicall...
3/2/14 at 8:51 PM
Springing forward... 3/10/13 at 11:06 PM REAL MONEY
Why it's Important to Save Money
Think back to a time when having an extra $1,000 would have made a major difference in the circumstance you were facing. How would the situation have played out differently if you had $1,000 to draw u...
9/18/13 at 1:59 PM
Save Money By Stocking Your Pantry 10/23/12 at 9:02 AM
Who Wants Something for Nothing? 3/20/12 at 7:23 AM IN THE BLACK
Separate Accounts for Each Savings Goal
We all know it is important to save money for things we want . It may be easier to save if you have a goal of what you are saving for. I saw two blog posts recently about having different savings acc...
9/7/13 at 8:34 AM
Savings Challenges 7/20/13 at 8:23 AM
52 Week Saving Plan 1/3/13 at 9:24 PM RENEW ND
Fargo wins State Energy Grant to study transition to compressed natural gas vehicles
CNG is cleaner burning, natural gas is abundant and $2.00 a gallon less than diesel with more stable pricing. Fargo's Renewable Energy and Conservation committee applied for and has been awarded a $50...
8/19/13 at 6:12 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
"We Can't Live on What We've Got"
Admit it. You've said this -- to yourself, to God, but probably not to your soul mate, because it really wouldn't go over well: "I don't know how we're going to survive on what we're making. We nee...
7/12/13 at 3:27 PM TOP MOM
College Save Zoo Day today
Today isone of Money-Savin' Mama's favorite days of the summer: College Save Zoo Day! That means free admission to the Red River Zoo in Fargo and the chance to win prizes like an iPad, iPod, Kindle a...
5/31/13 at 9:09 AM
Money-savin’ Mama: Be prepared for inevitable expenses 1/6/12 at 2:34 AM
Combining coupons to score cute kid clothes 11/9/11 at 12:14 PM NDSU EXTENSION SERVICE
Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund
Whether your tax refund is $500 or $3,500, it can mean a real impact on your personal and financial well-being.Before you spend your refund on a flat-screen TV or an iPad, try to think through your ...
1/28/12 at 10:51 AM
How renters can cut energy bills 1/27/11 at 12:26 PM MOMSTAR
Save a ton with these grocery coupons!
I hope you find these grocery coupons useful - I know I do! Simply click through to clip and print! $1.00 off Disney Childrens' Vitamins $1.00 off any One A Day and Flintstones $1.00 off any Flints...
10/3/11 at 5:29 AM
EXTREME Couponing Updates and Free Samples 9/2/11 at 9:53 AM
Coupons! 8/16/11 at 4:50 PM LAGNIAPPE
DST doldrums
Yawn. Thats the way Ive been feeling all day, thanks to the Daylight Savings Time spring forward. All it took was one hour 60 minutes, 3,600 seconds, to throw my system completely out of whack. An...
3/14/11 at 4:22 PM HEALTHY TIDBITS
Get Out The Big Guns
Are you having cell phone problems? According to Good Housekeeping you can contact the FCC or e-mail Are you having credit card problems? Is the interest too hig...
9/8/10 at 10:08 AM
Saving Money 6/20/10 at 12:33 AM
Blue Business is Booming
Two years ago, advertising agency JWT quipped, Blue is the new green. According to their predictions, one of the top ten trends for businesses and homeowners in 2008 would be a move towards landscapin...
5/21/10 at 9:11 AM