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Marijuana proposal gets life
By Don Davis Minnesota state legislators could face a decision this legislative session about whether to approve marijuana for medical use, even though a medical marijuana bill is stalled in the House...
4/8/14 at 6:46 PM
Legislative notebook: TV commercial blasts Dayton medical marijuana stand 4/2/14 at 1:20 PM
Political notebook: Medical marijuana keeps producing controversy 3/31/14 at 9:27 AM COBBERS OF THE BRAIN
Marijuana and Endocannabinoids: More Research Needed
Cannabis sativa, more commonly called marijuana, and its use has long been a hotly debated topic all over the world. For the most part, the public has been ignorant about the potential it holds withi...
12/17/13 at 5:37 PM
Marijuana: the real story behind endocannabinoids 12/17/13 at 12:12 PM
Should our friend Mary Jane get some credit every now and then?? 12/17/13 at 3:20 AM THE NEW FORTY
Victimless crime...
I believe that the term "victimless crime" is an oxymoron. I think some folks think if a person isn't hurt it isn't a crime. I say - sure, but victim may not be a person, but that does not mean there ...
9/18/12 at 4:20 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Distinguishing the signs of a culture
I received a call recently asking if I could enlighten some parents about an east and west coast trend of a new bracelet that could make its way to our quiet neighborhoods. Its what we refer to as a c...
A Little about Marijuana
About 2 in 5 Americans have used marijuana (also called "grass," "pot," "reefer," "joint," "hashish," "cannabis," "weed," and "Mary Jane") at least once. Approximately 10% of the population uses it ...
6/17/11 at 3:12 PM
Molecular Imaging Shows Chronic Marijuana Smoking Affects Brain Chemistry 6/11/11 at 7:03 AM REPUBLIC INSIDER
We're in the home of the free
South Dakota, where living is free and easy. Well, some say that, anyway. A new study from two college professors ranks South Dakota as second on a list ofstates where people are free to live as they...
6/7/11 at 2:49 PM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Extreme Hipster Makeover
Text and photos by Zach Kobrinsky, Model: William Block This is Will. He works a 9-to-5, always votes Republican, and lives a self-admittedly boring existence. He is what you might call a square. ...
11/8/10 at 9:00 AM DIRTY LAUNDRY
Yogi and Boo Boo explained
You know how Yogi Bear was always running around Jellystone Park trying to steal pic-a-nic baskets? I just read an article that could possibly explain Yogi and his side kick Boo Boos constant need for...
8/19/10 at 11:21 AM
C'mon baby, light my fire 11/4/09 at 11:05 PM HEALTH BEAT
Divided opinions on medical marijuana
West Central Tribune readers are weighing in on coverage of a medical marijuana bill making its way through the Minnesota Legislature. Judging from the responses, sentiments are similar to public opin...
3/30/09 at 9:50 AM