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Resurrection weekend
"The path to success is to take massive, determined action." - Anthony Robbins When I walked to my front porch this afternoon, I thought I knew what was inside the package set there by the postal car...
4/21/14 at 8:39 PM
No one's watching 3/23/14 at 3:25 PM
Unbreakable spirit 3/15/14 at 9:54 AM BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF ND
Fargo Marathon Friday Night 5K a great way to get active
As the snow melts and temperatures start to rise, more North Dakotans are beginning to emerge from hibernation. Joggers can be seen taking advantage of the opportunity to get outside and get active ag...
4/21/14 at 3:38 PM
Shoes for kids being delivered to local schools 8/16/13 at 5:01 PM
How Shoes for Kids program helped West Fargo child 8/16/13 at 2:32 PM FATHER KNOWS LAST
The Race Will Go On!
This is America, and even with our problems, we are still the greatest nation on earth! What makes us special? There is much that set us apart from other nations, but I think what is the most signif...
4/20/14 at 1:40 PM
Shoot to Thrill 4/6/14 at 5:59 PM
The Holly Hustle 3/16/14 at 8:09 PM CONFESSIONS OF A FAT GIRL
The countdown is on, running and racing, plus some fantastic food finds
It's time to get seriousthe countdown to the Fargo Half-Marathon is on. There is a countdown timer on the website and I have to admit, it kind of freaked me out. 32 days. THIRTY-TWO DAYS! How the ...
4/8/14 at 8:27 AM
Lots to talk about! (Meaning, it's a LONG post!) 2/22/14 at 11:06 AM
Valentine's race, training, injection and a night out on the town 2/10/14 at 5:06 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Homeless Students in Fargo Public Schools
By Jan Anderson, Fargo Public Schools Homeless Liaison Homeless students often describe school as a home to them a place where they can be around friends and caring adults, have a predictable routine...
10/5/13 at 3:00 PM
Watch for the lime green shirts (80 of them) 5/20/11 at 4:26 PM LAKE AGASSIZ HABITAT FOR HUMANITY
Fargo Marathon’s “GoFarCharity” Program Helped Habitat
Sixteen charities joined hands to participate in the Fargo Marathons GoFarCharity program this year one of which was Habitat for Humanity. Five runners participated to raise $410. One participant, C...
6/18/13 at 12:01 PM
GoFar for Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity 5/17/13 at 10:30 AM ASTRO BOB
Space station marathon week - an excuse to stay up all night
Every early June in the northern hemisphere (December in the southern), the International Space Station (ISS) can be observed on multiple passes from dusk till dawn. Taking only 90 minute to circle ...
6/2/13 at 1:42 PM THROUGH THE LENS
26.2...A "marathon" of words!
I have photographed the Fargo Marathon for the last few years. The experience of quickly moving from location to location to photograph runners and the stuff they go through is amazing. What is more a...
5/21/13 at 10:54 AM TO FARGO WITH LOVE
It's Fargo Marathon weekend here. Tonight and tomorrow, thousands of runners will lace up their sneakers, hit play on their list of super sweet running jams and work to conquer their own mountain, fro...
5/17/13 at 3:58 PM RENEW ND
What to do about $4.00 gas?
Join the May Bike Month Challenge and ride your bike and burn calories instead of gas. Congratulations Sharon Fowler! You win a cool new "Fargo" cap in the May Bike Month Challenge! You can join...
5/17/13 at 6:33 AM
Way to grow Kilbourne Group! 12/15/12 at 10:03 AM
North Dakota sky 11/8/12 at 7:30 AM STAFF BLOGGRAPHIC CONTENT
Marathon time...
5/16/13 at 9:06 AM FOR THE LOVE OF HOCKEY
Tragedy: when hockey both loses and gains importance
When tragedy strikes our nation like it did this week in Boston, all of a sudden sports don't matter as much anymore. Though we still want our teams to win, tragedy puts sports in perspective by showi...
4/18/13 at 2:14 PM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
Lies about the Boston Bombing
Conspiracy theories about the Boston bombing continue to be posted today. Please don't be gullible enough to fall for this stuff, folks--anyone who claims to know what happened at this point is not b...
4/17/13 at 3:55 PM THE NEW FORTY
And so I linger in the Butterfly Ball photo gallery...
I must confess, even though I had no butterflies at the ball I have looked at Forum photographer Carrie Snyder's Butterfly Ball photo gallery over and over again. There is something about all those da...
4/16/13 at 11:24 PM
Fine tune that lens... 4/15/13 at 6:24 PM
Run Jim, run! 5/20/11 at 11:14 PM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
The Marathon Effect: Fans get inspired to run
Jasmine Maki/MSUM Multimedia Journalism With running, medals, music, food and fans, the Fargo Marathonis much more than a race. Its a challenge, an adventure and a party. Its a time for camaraderie,...
11/1/12 at 8:57 AM
Mini Marathon sparsely but enthusiastically attended 10/12/10 at 1:08 PM
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