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Oldest Alive
I read in Mayabout Jiroemon Kimura, a Japanese man born in 1897, making him 116 years of age andthe oldest person in the world: Sadly, when looking him up over the 4th of July weekend, I discovered...
Confessions of a Missionary on Home Assignment
by Shan Reed I live a lifestyle as a missionary that can be a challenge. I love being a missionary. I love being in ministry. I love Japan, my other home. I do not love home assignment. There is a ...
Diplomatic Mail
My only snail mail today had the following return address: Ambassador of Japan, Washington, D.C. Got my attention! It was a a letter from Ichiro Fujisaki, the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S. Last w...
8/9/12 at 8:29 PM
Ambassador Fujisaki 7/31/12 at 7:33 PM UND NEWS
Japanese Ambassador visits UND campus July 31
His Excellency The Ambassador of Japan Ichiro Fujisaki, Japanese Ambassador to the United States, is scheduled to meet with Japanese students from Tokai University who are taking classes at the John D...
7/31/12 at 1:13 PM
UND student ensemble, 'Trio Ferace,' to play free Saturday concert at Hopper-Danley Spiritual Center 4/27/12 at 3:24 PM
Select UND student ensemble, “Trio Ferace,” to play fund-raising concert in Thompson, N.D., April 21, and at UND on April 28 4/19/12 at 1:45 PM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Nuances Translated: Japanese practices quite like U.S.
Story byDaniel Ziebol A Cultural Comparison Between U.S. and Japanese Wisdom Tooth Removal Rituals (Often times looking at ones cultural norms through outsiders eyes brings new perspective to home-cou...
5/8/12 at 2:49 PM
Moorhead celebrates cultures 11/17/10 at 9:00 AM
Peelander-Z bewilder crowd 11/2/10 at 3:07 PM STAFF BLOGCAPITOL CHATTER
Dayton heads to Japan, South Korea on trade mission
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton leaves today on a South Korea trip, via Japan, to promote trade. The Democratic governor said he hopes to help open the door to increased trade. Twenty-four business, agr...
9/23/11 at 1:12 AM
Dayton plans fall trip to Japan, Korea 7/22/11 at 11:30 AM STAFF BLOGREGGIE TALES
Japan Tsunami Video
This video is very, very intense. I warn you that it is quite sobering and even scary. It almost doesn't feel real. But it's definitely worth watching and the intensity of the situation comes throug...
3/28/11 at 12:07 PM MOMSTAR
Potassium Iodate for America's Children to Help Prevent Cancer from Effects of the Japanese Earthquake Nuclear Meltdown
What does the thyroid gland and the tragedy is Japan have in common? Quite a lot actually. First, the thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. It is found in the neck, below...
3/15/11 at 9:23 PM THE NEW FORTY
The River Whisperer...
While I believe most folks realize we live on a volatile planet, I think we often get caught up in day-to-day life and forget how fragile the balance is between everything is all right and everything ...
3/15/11 at 1:32 PM ASTRO BOB
Ray of sunshine on a dark day
Don't forget. Tonight Mercury and Jupiter will be at their closest low in the western sky starting about 35 minutes after sunset. Last night I managed to see and photograph the pair just in time bef...
3/15/11 at 1:11 PM GOETHE'S SPORTS BLOG
Impact of Nishioka's addition to Twins would be tough to predict
I blogged last week about the Minnesota Twins being awarded exclusive negotiating rights with Japanese middle infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka. I mentioned in that post how it was unusual to see a Midwest...
11/29/10 at 2:45 PM