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A smile on your face and hope in your heart...
When I run across a great article that I want to reference in my blog, I typically supply a summary and a link to the article. Unfortunately, the number of folks that check out the original article ar...
4/14/14 at 7:57 PM
Elated! 1/3/14 at 12:48 PM
Well now, that is concerning. 9/5/13 at 9:35 AM BECOMING MIDWESTERN
Sweet 14
I was perusing the Inforum this morning, and stumbled on an article about the new driving law being passed in North Dakota beginning January 1st. This law would require drivers under the age of 16 to ...
4/25/11 at 12:38 PM WILDWINGS
Lasting Wisdom
(Update) In an earlier post, I mentioned a certain Laysan Albatross (dubbed "Wisdom") on Wake atoll which had attained a milestone by becoming the oldest known wild bird banded by North American bird...
My top take-aways
It's been nearly six weeks since each of our Financial Fix-up Families met with a financial counselor from The Village Family Service Center. We've run stories detailing each of these sessions and the...
1/21/11 at 3:30 PM HAVING A ROUND WITH... ROB BEER
My role is changing at The Forum
A new year brings a new position for me here at The Forum. After 23 years working in print journalism, including nearly 20 here at this newspaper, I'll be switching over to theweb world as online edi...
12/29/10 at 12:44 PM TOP MOM
Parenting Perspectives: Car provides refuge for stressed mom
My column from Aug. 3 ... This past week, my parenting took a back seat, literally. Twice I found myself, in the midst of a toddler tantrum, fleeing to the back seat of my car for refuge. The most r...
8/10/10 at 1:42 PM
Movie's mom confessions hit home 6/29/10 at 6:48 AM
Stroll a little slower 5/25/10 at 4:31 AM STAFF BLOGTHE DULLUM FILE
  It's a little hard even for me to get my head around it, but I'm now officially on Twitter, I guess.  At least I think I am.  It's difficult to be sure since I don't know what I'm doi...
5/15/09 at 2:45 AM