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What pizza company made the pizza?
Perhaps you heard that a local pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night at an apartment building in South Fargo. Apparently, the three robbers ordered the pizza and supplied an apartm...
1/20/14 at 1:06 PM
Happy Mahasamādhi Craig Cobb! 11/25/13 at 6:10 PM
That was pretty filling... 2/11/13 at 10:21 PM COBBERS OF THE BRAIN
Obesity: More than Poor Nutrition and Laziness
Many people are aware of the obesity epidemic in the United States. Many people also associate obesity with extreme over-eating and rare exercise. Recently, researchers have found that obesity ...
11/15/13 at 11:19 PM
Eating as Positive Reinforcement and Obesity? 12/5/12 at 5:25 PM NORTH DAKOTA OUTDOORS AND BEYOND
Sportsmen Against Hunger
North Dakotas Sportsmen Against Hunger Program is again accepting donations of deer at select processors across the state. In addition, the program is also able to accept light goose breast meat (snow...
10/22/13 at 10:30 AM
hunters lending a hand 9/28/11 at 11:26 AM COMPASS POINTS
N.D. Sportsmen Against Hunter program accepting goose meat
Hard to comprehend, but North Dakota's early Canada goose season opened today, and with the hunt now underway, the states Sportsmen Against Hunger program again is accepting donations of goose meat ...
8/15/13 at 2:06 PM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
The Hunger for Death
Would you pay to watch 24 children kill each other? I did, this weekend, when I bought a ticket to "The Hunger Games," which is playing at our local theater in Jamestown. Now obviously no children we...
11 Easy Ways To Fight Evil Hunger Urges
If there is one thing that you probably already know about eating healthy it's that hunger pangs are evil. Here are eleven ways to help you fight off the cravings. Stay hydrated - You would be surpri...
4/25/12 at 11:58 AM IN THE BLACK
Hunger Hits Home
Hunger Hits Home was shown on the Food Network the other night. It is available online and will be aired again April 21 at 5 PM CT and April 23 9 AM CT. The show was sponsored by the Food Network an...
4/16/12 at 7:00 AM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
North Key Club video a contest finalist
North High School's Key Club is looking for your vote. The club is one of six finalists in State Bank & Trust's "$10,000 Pay It Forward Fans Choice Facebook Contest." The contest, hosted on a Fac...
4/13/12 at 8:35 AM LIKE A FISH OUT OF FARGO
Easter Weekend Recap: When Chipotle Became Like A God & Take-Out From Little Szechuan
Jake and I returned home for a long, holiday weekend in the Twin Cities. We spent time with our families and I visited some good friends. Even as adults, we enjoyed being spoiled by our families w...
4/13/12 at 6:39 AM REPUBLIC INSIDER
How many hungry kids is OK?
Is it OK with you if one in five South Dakota kids don't have enough to eat? Are you cool with those kids facing other economic struggles, such as reduced access to medical care, uncertain housing, s...
4/12/12 at 8:17 PM
John Thune ... and Bono? 1/9/12 at 1:54 AM
McGovern in Sacramento Bee: Remember the hungry on Thanksgiving 11/27/09 at 4:36 AM SLOWING THE RACING MIND
A Day in Small Town Minnesota
Another day of travel for truancy meetings and court today led me to some truly awesome finds. The girl joined me today because she is on spring break, and we had a great day! This was not how I thoug...
4/5/12 at 5:30 AM
Hunger Games: Sick or Meaningful? 3/29/12 at 5:30 AM
Hunger Games: More Thoughts from Others 3/27/12 at 10:40 AM WHILE YOU WERE IN
Why we're talking about 'Battle Royale'
Now that "The Hunger Games" has been cast, premiered and reviewed -- including the bizarre and racist response from fans who clearly don't read very closely -- you're going to start hearing about an...
Bakk to take on hunger again
Gov. Mark Dayton and Vikings defensive end Jared Allen will join state Sen. Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, Tuesday when he hosts a fund-raiser in St. Paul to help northeastern Minnesota food shelves. The 4-to-6...
12/2/11 at 12:48 PM
State seeks venison to feed hungry 11/6/11 at 1:03 PM MODERN-DAY JANE
Yet another exciting blog post about...books. Woot!
I keep a reading journal. The first year that Aaron and I were married, I was a substitute teacher. If you've ever subbed, you know that the job has long gaps of boredom. I did a LOT of reading while ...
Jamestown Kiwanis Club needs $15,500 more to make Kids Against Hunger commitment
The Kiwanis Club of Jamestown has committed to packaging 100,000 meals for Kids Against Hunger. It needs more donations to make that goal. This program packages nutritious meals for starving and maln...
1/27/11 at 9:01 AM
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