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Capitol notebook: 60,400 open jobs
Jobs are available in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development reported Tuesday that state employers had 60,400 vacancies in the fourth quarter of 2013. That is the m...
4/2/14 at 9:29 AM
Collin Peterson runs again 3/17/14 at 10:53 AM
Candidate leaves campaign after strip club reports 3/10/14 at 1:41 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Are YOU the next candidate for the Fargo Board of Education?
Fiveterms on the Fargo Board of Education expire in June. Are you ready to make a difference in your community and serve as a Board member? Residents of the Fargo School District who are 18 years of...
3/30/14 at 9:00 AM
Special Election Polling Locations 3/10/14 at 9:00 AM
Early Voting and Polling Locations - Special Election 3/5/14 at 11:41 AM THE PERIPHERY
Election in East Africa
Ever since I got to my village in Tanzania, there has been campaign buzz regarding a recently-vacated seat of parliament due to the untimely passing of this areas representative. The Iringa region wa...
3/23/14 at 7:05 AM REPUBLIC INSIDER
VIDEO: Interview with Larry Pressler
Here's an excerpt from an editorial board meeting we conducted today with Larry Pressler. We'll have a story about the interview in Saturday's edition.
1/10/14 at 3:23 PM
Meet the next senator from South Dakota 6/12/13 at 8:58 AM
2014: The intrigue, the feud and the damage done 5/21/13 at 6:24 PM THE GAY AGENDA
Contents may have settled
The past three months I've really struggled to come up with content, even though I still come up with great titles. Part of the problem was/is that our nation really needs to figure out how to keep gu...
2/3/13 at 4:11 PM
This is what it's all about 7/9/11 at 9:31 AM
Shhhhh, be quiet now. 1/11/11 at 8:11 AM THE INSIDE SCOOP
A recap of my first election night
Well, Election Day has come and gone. And I survived. As I wrote in my last post, this election was the first one Ive worked in a newsroom. Throughout the night, I was in charge of monitoring and pos...
11/9/12 at 7:14 AM THE FARM BLEAT
Stress farm survives election night
Theres no denying a reporters job is stressful. We have daily deadlines - sometimes multiple daily deadlines - and are under constant pressure to gather all of the facts, write concise, detailed, well...
11/7/12 at 7:38 PM SWEET CONCLUSIONS
God Bless America
Yesterday, November 6,2012, America voted with a close Presidential election. President Obama rolled to a second term over Romney for another four years as president. The president won re-election in...
11/7/12 at 12:13 PM THE NEW FORTY
Perfect timing...
Tonight I had the honor and privilege to have dinner with three veterans and Kaarin Remmich of NDSU's Military and Veteran Services office. The veterans - my son Noah, Dr. Berlin Nelson (from NDSU), a...
11/6/12 at 11:22 PM
Tuesday cannot come soon enough. 11/4/12 at 12:46 PM
It is time for the Herd to be heard... 9/8/12 at 2:11 PM RENEW ND
Tool to find your voting precinct and MATBUS gives free rides to vote
Wondering where your voting precinct is? Click this link, enter your house number and zip code, then click on your address. Polling Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Go vote, ride with us, MATBUS! ...
Get Out & Rock the Vote!
By Sarah Hoffbeck Tuesday, November 6 = Election Day Are you ready to vote this Tuesday, November 6? Whether youre a college student or a member of the community, now is the time to make your vote c...
11/1/12 at 4:18 PM COME HOME AMERICA
McGovern’s 2 sisters expressed support for brother during race
EDITORS NOTE: This is part of a weekly series examining the events of 40 years ago that led to Mitchell native George McGoverns Democratic presidential nomination and run for the White House. By TOM ...
10/6/12 at 3:14 PM
He wouldn’t be vice president pick, but Ted Kennedy campaigned for McGovern 9/10/12 at 12:15 PM THE VIEW FROM THE EDGE OF TOWN
2012 Presidential Election
Back in February of 2010 I etch-a-sketched an article called "Repubocrats" term for the total "indifferences" between republicans and democrats. Upon watching sometimes up to 8-minutes of the rep...
School Board election set for Nov. 6 in conjunction with general election
Eight school district residents have filed for four seats open on the Moorhead School Board. During a special meeting Aug. 21, the School Board set the election for Nov. 6. The School Board election w...
8/24/12 at 10:23 PM
First candidate files for Moorhead School Board seat 7/31/12 at 4:46 PM
School Board appoints Trudy Wilmer to board 12/20/10 at 12:29 PM STAFF BLOGTHE N.D. CAPITOL AND BEYOND
Today's Ask Your Government
Dear Teri, Is the North Dakota interstate system a two-lane highway, or is the left lane considered the passing lane? I understand that slow moving traffic should drive on the right-hand lane. I some...
8/18/12 at 7:51 PM
UPDATED: Dalrymple proposes "unprecedented investment" in infrastructure 7/23/12 at 4:09 PM
Baesler, Potter advance in DPI race 6/13/12 at 12:06 PM
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