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Oh Canada Kindness
Have you ever been traveling and met someone from your hometown? There is an immediate bond. Even if you dont know any of the same people or came from completely different sides of the tracks, for ju...
11/23/13 at 10:39 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Yesterday's Absurdity Is Tomorrow's Mandate
One of the perks of homeschooling is that the lunches you eat are generally hot, and they don't taste like anything you remember from public school kitchens of your childhood. This, and the good me...
11/21/13 at 2:40 PM UND NEWS
Public invited to UND, Canadian Consulate General symposium on Canadian Arctic on Nov. 5
Famed polar explorer Will Steger to join experts on Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913; UND alumnus led famed search for new lands, resources 100 years ago Join the Consulate General of Canada and...
10/31/13 at 9:08 AM
Consulate General of Canada and UND announce Nov. 5 symposium on the Canadian Arctic 10/16/13 at 9:43 AM
Canada’s top diplomat for Upper Midwest to visit UND campus 1/22/13 at 3:13 PM CONFESSIONS OF A FAT GIRL
Week 6 - migraine, better eating, rest days and heat
This week was pretty uneventful...unless you count today when I got to watch - via the almighty internet - a friend and former co-worker cross the finish line at her very first Ironman competition in ...
2013 early Canada goose season for North Dakota is set
    North Dakotas early Canada goose season is set, and bag limits and licensing requirements have changed from last year.   The season will openAug. 15and continue throughSept. 15,...
7/30/13 at 9:27 AM
at first looks pretty good 5/25/10 at 11:43 AM THE NEW FORTY
Negligence per se...
My entire family was travelling in two cars on 416 South out of Ottawa on Saturday on our way back to New York. It was a few minutes before 12 PM when we passed a red truck carrying a queen matress, b...
7/15/13 at 11:59 PM
The Ugly American... 7/14/13 at 11:22 PM
Tonight I am grateful... 7/13/13 at 7:11 AM COMPASS POINTS
Lake Region Sportsmen's Club sets Canada goose hunt and raffle
Coyote and other predator hunts have gained popularity in recent years, but the Lake Region Sportsmens Club in Devils Lake is adding a new twist next month when it sponsors a Canada Goose Hunt and Raf...
7/15/13 at 10:01 AM
What's with all the Canada geese along U.S. Highway 2? 5/10/12 at 8:00 AM LOST ON THE PRAIRIE
From one prairie to another: Happy Canada Day!
What a fun week this is for our family! With the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday this year, we have decided to close Sarello's for the entire week so that we and our entire crew could enjoy a r...
Canada wants joint effort to clean Red River, Lake Winnipeg
Winnipeg residents used to flock to the lake that carries their citys name, but not so much now. Huge areas of blue-green algae cover much of the northern part of the lake most years. Canadian expe...
12/13/12 at 6:09 PM
Hockey trumps issues 3/1/10 at 9:41 AM GRAND FORKS GOURMET
Smell Like Pizza With New Perfume
The geniuses at Pizza Hut have done it: Made a perfume that would attract any man or woman from across the room without fail. It's pizza perfume, or "Eau de Pizza Hut" as the company calls it. In a l...
12/6/12 at 2:36 PM FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Ben Franklin graduate, 14, making waves in film industry
Cameron MacKenzie Meek, who has just finished her eighth grade year at Ben Franklin Middle School, has begun to attract a lot of attention for achievements unusual to students her age. Cameron is an ...
Captain's Log: Let History Judge Me
Captains Log: Day 86, The cook tried goulash again today. The name isnt very fitting as the dish is quite delicious. Well, not really. Its not really delicious. Captains Log: Day 87, Were almost to...
Welcome home – A spotlight on CBP, its work & its reputation
PEMBINA, N.D. - As an American re-entering the United States after a quick day-trip Saturday to Winnipeg, I figured I'd be greeted with a smile, welcomed home and sent on my way after the obligatory s...
8/22/11 at 10:20 PM
Canadian, U.S. officials make progress on water issues 11/22/10 at 5:40 PM
2nd talk on U.S./Canadian water issues set for Monday 11/19/10 at 3:43 PM WILDWINGS
Canadians aghast, answer could be very simple
It was so odd, so outre, so incomprehensible, that Even Matt Drudge linked the story from Canada's National Post. The Goldstream River, running through Goldstream Provincial Park in British Columbia, ...
1/5/11 at 12:00 PM
What to do? 11/10/10 at 1:58 PM
Mix-and-match 10/22/10 at 5:59 AM IT'S GOOD TO BE IN NORTH DAKOTA
A letter from some grateful Canadians
We got a letter this week from some Canadians expressing thanks to many people in North Dakota for helping them during a recent bit of travel. It's much too long for our Opinion page, but on a blog I ...
12/29/10 at 11:05 AM
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