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In School in Germany: Immigration
Heres a question for all teachers in the German school system and social studies/ history teachers in the American schools: How much do you teach your pupils about the history of immigrants- in part...
4/8/14 at 2:30 PM THE NEW FORTY
Resilience in the alternative...
I still have many friends in Southern California from my decades in the state. But as for family, my brother, nephews, and niece are the only family still living there. I realize each time I talk to m...
2/15/14 at 10:18 PM
What are you smoking? 5/30/13 at 9:43 PM
Frolicking in the ocean... 3/19/12 at 9:43 PM WHAT IN THE WORLD? THE LIFE OF A TRAVEL AGENT
An Adventure Up the Pacific Coast Highway
The next portion of our trip to California (see A Quick Day in the City by the Bay to read about our day in San Fran!)was making our way up the California/Oregon Pacific Coast Highway. We were ready ...
12/12/13 at 10:22 AM
A Quick Day in The City by the Bay 12/2/13 at 1:10 PM THE PERIPHERY
The Donner Party
Did you learn this story in your American History class? My job as a substitute in Minneapolis puts me in all sorts of places to see and learn about the varied conditions within which the youth of Mi...
One State Two Notables
In the past two weeks, both Montana and California recorded the nation's warmest and coldest daily temperature. Both states of course are large and have diverse topography. In the warm season the na...
7/22/13 at 11:33 PM
Atmospheric Rivers 12/3/12 at 10:11 AM
A New Old World Record 9/13/12 at 10:09 AM THE FARM BLEAT
The Deep Chill
Sports reporter Jordan Willi and I swapped emails the other day. I sent him the hilarious NFL: Bad Lip Reading YouTube video clipfeaturing Minnesota Vikings own Adrian Peterson, and he sent me a YouTu...
1/21/13 at 9:50 PM NDAD INSIGHT
Forks daycare provider, focus of Sunday benefit in Oslo, Minn., on her cancer battle: 'When I think of the kids is when I get upset'
By Mike Brue GRAND FORKS Sandy Puttbrese says she didnt shed tears when, earlier this fall, a Mayo Clinic doctor told her about the uterine cancer that had spread to her ovaries. As she recalls it, h...
11/16/12 at 7:20 PM ASTRO BOB
Meteorite masquerade - Part I
Disappointing news. The rock that Lisa Webber picked up after it bounced off her roof in the wake of the October 17 California fireball wasn't a meteorite after all. NASA's Peter Jenniskens, who hel...
10/24/12 at 12:01 PM
California fireball fragment hits pastor's home in Novato 10/21/12 at 9:13 PM RED RIVER ORTHODOX: ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY IN THE RED RIVER VALLEY
American Orthodox Christianity Series 1: Exploring the Insignificance of Orthodoxy for American Religion, Post 3
In this this post, I wish to start exploring the historical angles. Again, the point to this first American Orthodox Christianity Series is not to make all Orthodox feel bad or to show us as pathetic,...
7/25/12 at 2:05 AM UND NEWS
Popular UND astronomy team to webcast Sunday’s rare Solar eclipse
WHO/WHAT: A popular University of North Dakota eclipse-chasing team--Tim Young, an astrophysicist in the UND Department of Physics and Astrophysics, and Ron Marsh, professor and chair of UND Computer ...
Random Thursday on a Monday: L.A. Edition
*I vacation with so much intensity that when I get home I need a vacation from my vacation. Or maybe it just feels like that when you go somewhere like Southern California where the sun is seemingly...
Cowboy Rules
I have been fortunate to have traveled to a lot of very interesting places around this globe and met a lot of very interesting people. I have also met far too many people who seem to believe the world...
12/20/10 at 10:59 AM IT'S GOOD TO BE IN NORTH DAKOTA
While I was gone
Some North Dakota youngsters made a video poking fun at North Dakota while I was in Kansas. Their goal is to get asmore pageviews as there are people in North Dakota. As of this writing, they're more ...
8/18/10 at 1:37 PM WILDWINGS
Birds Nodaks may never see...
Last week's vacation to Southern California was brief and just a hair hectic. With two teenagers and a fairly aggressivelist of to-do's, things can get slightly harried. Not to mention the traffic, sh...
8/4/10 at 11:16 AM
Full house one species away 6/10/10 at 1:30 AM
So far it's a yawner 4/12/10 at 9:23 AM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
The Karate Kid Revisited
I watched "Karate Kid" this week for the first time in decades.  The last time I saw it, Daniel-san was older than me. This time, I kept thinking "Awww, he's such a ...
7/21/10 at 11:11 AM
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