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Better Business Bureau issues call for 2014 Torch Award Nominations
Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is again calling for nominations for the premier award in business ethics the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. The Torch Awards for Ethics recogn...
4/9/14 at 11:54 AM
BBB Advice on Choosing an Estate Sale Business 4/8/14 at 11:17 AM
Bogus sweepstakes prizes continue to rake in people’s money 3/28/14 at 9:44 AM LAGNIAPPE
Still timely recipes
Today Im going to take you on a trip back in time. Our first stop isnt that far back, just to the beginning of the year, about seven weeks ago, when I received an email from Barb Atchison: Today is Ne...
2/18/14 at 1:31 PM
Melon-choly 7/15/11 at 3:36 PM THIS WOMAN WRITES
The Simple Life: Follow the Old Saying
What's the old saying? Use it up; Wear it out; Make it do; Do without. I always have to look this up because I can never remember the order of 11 simple words, although I know they rhyme somehow. ...
1/24/14 at 4:12 PM
The Spirit of Christmas 9/23/13 at 6:46 PM
What You Want, Matters 8/26/13 at 6:20 PM THE NEW FORTY
Channel your outrage elsewhere...
I am irritated with the Hallmark Ugly Sweater uproar. If you have missed this story thus far, let me sum it up: some folks have their panties in a bunch because Hallmark put "Don we now our fun appare...
11/3/13 at 1:16 PM
Those who wish to sing, always find a song. 4/5/12 at 7:05 AM
The Color Purple... 10/20/10 at 8:07 PM BEST FRIENDS ND
It Gets Better
10/11/12 at 9:17 AM DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Defying the odds: Fargo assembles against Alzheimer's Disease
Joshua Berggren, MSUM Documentary/Photojournalism Major Sept. 15, 2012 Fargo, N.D. Energy and excitement built as 500 men, women and children (and a score of dogs, too) gathered at the Aurora Eleme...
10/1/12 at 7:59 AM SWEET CONCLUSIONS
Change is not always for the better
Sitting here, gazing out through the window with the door wide open, its difficult to believe summer is at an end. It is though and thats a fact. The sun is shining brightly and even if it is a little...
9/17/12 at 11:51 PM
Things Can Only Get Better (3) 3/9/12 at 10:58 AM REAL MONEY
Credit Myth of the Day
  Bad Credit is Better than No CreditFalse! This is a common myth. If you have bad credit, youmay havea lot of work to do cleaning up past due accounts and collections before you can start to r...
What is Rainwater Harvesting?
Rainwater harvesting is collecting the run-off from a structure in order to store it for later use. Traditionally, it involves harvesting the rain from a roof. The rain that falls will collect in yo...
7/20/12 at 2:00 AM CONCORDIA COLLEGE
Interfaith Scholars Present in Washington, D.C.
Concordia College's interfaith movement is top-notch, according to the White House. Concordia was one of only 40 schools that presented at the Presidents Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challe...
7/12/12 at 3:05 PM IN THE BLACK
Free Shred Day
One way to guard against identity theft is to shred your bank statments and other financial papers that may have your social security number and account numbers on them. AARP and the Better Business ...
4/13/11 at 6:43 PM HEALTH BEAT
A state of well-being
When Jenni Prokopy, founder and editor, recently asked bloggers to submit stories of techniques and coping strategies for how to live well with chronic disease, she received an imp...
3/11/11 at 7:05 PM
Something fishy 3/4/11 at 5:17 PM
A balanced life 2/25/11 at 5:03 PM THE FLENSBURGER FILES
Striving for high quality and excellence in education: The Frauentag Demonstrations in eastern Germany
It was a perfect day out in the small market square called Fischmarkt (Fish Market) in Erfurt, the state capital of Thuringia in central Germany. All was quiet for the entire day- that was until 3:0...
3/9/11 at 6:51 AM RENEW ND
Learn some of the impacts and benefits from energy development in western North Dakota
Weve made this important and exciting presentation available as avideo on demand feature on our website. It will take a few minutes to download but its worth the wait. We're also repla...
11/12/10 at 9:13 PM REPUBLIC INSIDER
Underage drinking
Two Mitchell businesses failed but 12 passed an alcohol compliance check in the city last week. How tough is it for minors to get access to booze? Better than in the past? Worse? Are compliance checks...
6/20/10 at 5:26 PM
Underage drinking 6/20/10 at 5:26 PM
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