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4 -wheel drive may have helped.
Aaron's parents are moving away from his hometown of Watford City, so our yearly trip West has become a good-bye visit. Naturally Aaron wants to show his kids his "old stomping grounds". Since it was ...
8/24/12 at 1:24 PM
Now would be a good time to put batteries in those clocks. 8/9/12 at 2:31 PM
Just trying to avoid therapy - for HER. 7/5/11 at 3:33 PM 2 WHEELER
Cycling and recycling
Id like to begin this post by lodging a formal complaint. Its something Ive wanted to do for a long time. Could we please have more than a day or two of decent weather at a time? And what about weeken...
6/13/12 at 4:45 PM
What a difference 5/14/12 at 5:26 PM
Weathering bad weather 5/8/12 at 5:38 PM GOLF
From an early start to an early closure! The weather sure is finicky! Poplar Golf Course (WI) experienced the wrath of weather with the recent rains. The undulating Middle River normally winds around ...
5/29/12 at 6:21 AM UND NEWS
UND hosts Northern Plains Convective Storm Symposium Friday
Just in time for Severe Weather Awareness week, the University of North Dakota Department of Atmospheric Sciences will be hosting The Northern Plains Convective Storm Symposium on Friday, May 4 in Cli...
5/3/12 at 9:18 AM
TV 'Storm chaser' and weather radar inventor Joshua Wurman coming to UND 11/12/10 at 3:48 PM MSUM
Students publish 31st edition of Red Weather
Publication marks 49 years of literary journals at MSUM The 2012 edition of the literary journal Red Weather has been published. Red Weather highlights original work of current and past members of MS...
4/23/12 at 9:44 AM DIRTY LAUNDRY
I know, but how can you not mention it?
Theres nothing drearier than talk of the weather, but seriously, how can you not mention this? It is still March, right? Its been a strange winter disappointing in some ways, but wonderful in others...
3/14/12 at 4:43 AM
In-house collision 4/11/11 at 4:01 AM
Just say "No" 2/21/11 at 5:21 PM NDSU EXTENSION SERVICE
Become Part of N.D’s Climatological History
Its fun, easy and only takes five minutes a day. North Dakotans can become part of the states climatological history by becoming volunteers for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow (CoCoR...
This Guy Will be Famous by the End of the Day
I have a lot in common with this guy. For the last three days I've been promoting a "real powerful" snow event that was supposed to hit last night and early this morning. Granted, I didn't do it as ...
2/29/12 at 8:16 AM
Areavoices Digest #66 - Watching the Weather and Getting Away from it all!
I'm not going to lie. I'm more than a little envious of some of my friends right now. While going through Facebook posts I noticed one friend is enjoying Disney World with her family, another is in Ha...
2/28/12 at 3:22 PM
Areavoices #37 - My Big Fat Greek Blog and more... 6/29/11 at 12:16 PM
Bloggers react to Minot Flood Crisis 6/23/11 at 3:44 PM THE FLENSBURGER FILES
Normally at about this time of year, there would be snow ranging from six inches to a foot in the northern parts of the US and all of Canada, while Europe would thaw early because of its mild winters...
Why, oh why, is it so wet?
Ask a room full of people to explain why the rivers and lakes across our region have been flooding so much in recent years, and you will get myriad answers. Some answers will have elements of truth...
2/5/12 at 1:00 AM
Weather is not a ‘cycle’ 1/29/12 at 1:00 AM FATHER KNOWS LAST
North Dakota Outdoor Running in January
I officially started my training on Monday for the 2012 Fargo Marathon, which is 17 weeks from today. This weeks been very cold so Ive done all my running indoors until today. This morning it was ju...
1/21/12 at 6:40 PM TRAVELING TOD
Tips for Busy Days at the Airport
The holiday season means busy days at the airport. When youre making air travel plans, remember that the busiest days are those immediately before and after a holiday. If you can, avoid those days tr...
11/17/11 at 4:57 PM
Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa 11/9/11 at 2:10 PM
Top International Vacation Destinations 10/13/11 at 9:00 AM IMAGES OF FALL: AUTUMN IN THE UPPER MIDWEST
A different perspective
(CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW) Photo by Shaun Johnson of East Grand Forks, Minn. Photos taken near Mentor, Minn. ...
10/15/11 at 7:58 AM
Maplewood fall 10/15/11 at 7:13 AM
It's the small things... 10/14/11 at 6:33 PM ROVING REPORTER
Spring Has Sprung
For nearly three months now, I've been complaining to all who will listen about the absolutely exasperating lack of sunlight in Lima. A thick haze called garua hangs over the city for six months of th...
9/21/11 at 10:01 AM
A Midwesterner Copes With Tremors in Quake-Prone Peru 8/24/11 at 4:11 PM
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