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Jillian Michaels, Nigella Lawson and Star Jones visit "Rachael Ray" next week!
Monday February 18th: Michael Strahan - For the first time everLive! with Kelly & Michael co-host Michael Strahan is here! Plus Michael flexes his muscles and answers audience questions by play...
2/14/13 at 5:21 PM
Julianne Hough, Paula Deen, Cheryl Hines and Katherine Heigl visit "Rachael Ray" next week! 2/8/13 at 10:05 AM
Nate Berkus and The Cake Boss visit "Rachael Ray" next week! 1/3/13 at 4:39 PM SLOWING THE RACING MIND
Super Bowl Mom
Of all of the people involved in the Super Bowl yesterday, the one that I would have enjoyed being near the most would have been Mrs. Harbaugh the mother of both teams coaches.  Anyone who watch...
2/4/13 at 9:03 AM
Fair Weather Fan 1/5/13 at 8:39 AM
Sioux, Yeah Yeah… 1/14/12 at 6:30 AM COMPASS POINTS
Cancellations roll in after Pennsylvania sports show bans display of rifles
The National Wild Turkey Federation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are among the organizations, companies and celebrities who have withdrawn from a Pennsylvania sports show after Reed Exhibitio...
1/23/13 at 11:44 AM
Dakota Hunting Club near GF to offer women's sporting clays program 5/17/12 at 1:52 PM
Outdoors sports shows offer sure sign of spring 2/20/12 at 12:21 PM THE FLENSBURGER FILES
End of the Line 1: Lance’s Confession: The Question of Significance in Role Models
END OF THE LINE: This is the first of many to come as the Flensburg Files opens a new category called End of the Line. All Change Please, which focuses on the downfall of celebrities and the end of ...
Three Great Teams=Three Great Blogs
Okay, I realize not everyone will agree with me that all three of these teams are great! (Commence the arguing Packer and Viking fans) But the fact is The Minnesota Vikings, The Green Bay Packers and ...
1/3/13 at 2:43 PM
Countdown to Bison kickoff - Areavoices Digest #88 8/29/12 at 3:43 PM
A real life Eva Gabor? - Areavoices Digest #80 6/27/12 at 2:42 PM STAFF BLOGREGGIE TALES
I Guess I Was Wrong
In late October we here at The Tales said the Vikings would miss the playoffs by one game. The game in question was the atrocious loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well, I was almost right. By ...
12/31/12 at 1:40 PM
Minnesota Twins 12/11/12 at 11:27 AM
Random Thursday on a Friday 9/28/12 at 6:31 AM PARVENTING
A 5K you say?
Winter is inching upon us. We must enjoy these remaining warm-ish days while we can! And how better to do it than in the company of our friends, family AND the friends and family we have yet to meet! ...
9/14/12 at 3:11 PM OUR LILY TREE
Erin's (attempt at) Hobbies- Reclaimed Wood Wall Hangings
Most of you are aware that I'm a regular attendee of DIY Wood Studio here in Fargo. I guess I've established myself as the scavenger of the group because my all time favorite thing to do is pick up s...
7/30/12 at 9:09 AM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
Drag Racing in Jamestown
This is what it looks like to be part of a drag race. Today, I got to experience a little bit of the adrenaline rush and speed of a real drag race when Bob Baumann of Jamestown took me for a ride-a...
7/29/12 at 5:04 PM
What I Learned from High School Sports 10/28/11 at 4:20 PM
Why Sports Are Important to Schools 10/26/11 at 10:00 AM HAVING A ROUND WITH... ROB BEER
One special moment
My wife and I have two sons. Carson just turned 4 and Caden is just two months away from turning 7. Since Caden was about 18 months old, he's been able to replicate a pretty solid golf swing. Ever si...
7/27/12 at 2:30 PM
Lawmaker fails to see the bigger picture 4/17/12 at 1:32 PM
The towel has been thrown 10/17/11 at 10:33 AM MSUM
MSUM College for Kids receives grant from Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation
Minnesota State University Moorheads College for Kids received a grant from the Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation for $3,100. The grant will be used for need-based scholarships to help cover the cost of ...
The Skinny On Sports Drinks
Ever since Gatorade was invented in 1965, the rise of sports drinks has grown into a billion dollar industry. Gatorade is now PepsiCo's 4th largest international brand. So it's not surprising that the...
6/8/12 at 11:00 AM WHILE YOU WERE IN
Homegrown Day 3: Power trios, Booms and Big Bands
I'm going to use the word "adorable" here and I don't mean it in a condescending chin-chuck, pat on the head way. On Tuesday night something truly wonderful happened at Teatro Zuccone and it was ador...
An Unbelievable Breast Cancer Awareness Game
Concordia will host their annual breast cancer awareness and fund raising game on Saturday, Apr 28 when they host Macalester at 1 p.m. This years game will feature many promotions, games and giveaways...
4/25/12 at 5:57 PM
Cobber Men's Golf Nationally Ranked 4/12/12 at 3:17 PM
Cobbers Dedicate Cancer Awareness Game To Leanne Miller 2/14/12 at 4:21 PM THE ATTIC
Photos of Duluth Central state basketball title celebration, 1961
March 1961 This month marks the 51st anniversary of the 1961 Duluth Central boys basketball team winning the state title with a 51-50 victory over Bemidji in the Twin Cities. Here are a few photos fr...
3/21/12 at 1:20 PM
Remembering Bruce Bennett 9/27/11 at 10:22 PM
Hockey mystery photo 9/27/11 at 12:11 AM
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