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Artifact history of disability in America now offered online
Check out a new national online exhibit -- EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America ( -- from the Smithsonian's Natural Museum of American History. Many storie...
AT: Making Work Possible
Using assistive technology (AT) can make work possible for people with disabilities, and help to keep valuable, aging workers productive. Simply put, AT can be the job accommodation that enables a p...
6/25/13 at 4:16 PM
Another IPAT AT Funding Avenue 5/30/13 at 5:17 PM
Needs First, Technology Second 5/23/13 at 4:49 PM TOP MOM
Money-Savin' Mama: Don't let your tech wants become expensive 'needs'
Ive always been behind the technological curve. My family didnt own a VCR until 1991. I listened to cassette tapes into the mid 90s. I didnt have cable TV or a DVD player till college, or my own comp...
4/26/13 at 7:42 AM
What will tomorrow's technology be for today's tots? 11/10/11 at 11:53 AM OH LOOK, A SHINY THING!
Lies about the Boston Bombing
Conspiracy theories about the Boston bombing continue to be posted today. Please don't be gullible enough to fall for this stuff, folks--anyone who claims to know what happened at this point is not b...
4/17/13 at 3:55 PM
Evil, Good, and the Boston Bombing 4/16/13 at 3:14 PM
Facebook Fear Factor: Cake and Pancake Mixes 4/8/13 at 9:17 PM MOORHEAD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Automotive students competing nationally
Moorhead High School automotive students Ken Bye and Bryce Jossund placed first in the Minnesota AYES National Automotive Technician Competition. They will compete in the National Automotive Technolog...
Technological Advances
Earlier this week, I had a rather chaotic day. In the morning, I wrote on my hand to remind myself of a task to email Rick. At lunch, I noticed it on my hand and realized that I had not seen the insi...
9/21/12 at 7:00 AM
Texting? In Church? Yeppers! 1/30/12 at 6:30 AM
My Computer is Nuts 11/20/11 at 9:38 PM BEST FRIENDS ND
Twitter and Girls Who Code
Twitter and Girls Who Code WRITTEN BYMIKE KEEFE-FELDMAN AND RUTH MCCAMBRIDGE CREATED ONMONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2012 14:30 September 3, 2012;Source:TechCrunch This corporate/nonprofit relationship i...
9/20/12 at 9:32 AM
Cell Phones for Soldiers 6/13/12 at 10:59 AM STAFF BLOGTHE AREAVOICES COMMUNITY BLOG
Areavoices Digest #88 - Some top performers
I decided for this week's digest to offer up another look at some of our top performing blogs. They're both consistent with their posts, and their posts seem to generate broad interest in everything f...
9/5/12 at 3:46 PM
You asked for got it! 6/28/12 at 4:32 PM
Should I fake it or get real? 3/23/12 at 3:48 PM RENEW ND
Moorhead woman helped prepare NASA Mars rover "Curiosity"
Congratulations to Concordia physics professor Heidi Manning for helping prepare Curiosity, the fascinating Mars rover. Heidi Manning Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota Chair Physics Dept, Associ...
8/6/12 at 4:05 PM
Concordia professor helped NASA equip Curiosity Mars rover 8/6/12 at 11:22 AM REPUBLIC INSIDER
Silicon Valley in South Dakota?
Wall Street Journal columnist David Weidner used newly hired Yahoo executive Marissa Mayer to prove a point about business-friendly tax climates in a July 18 piece. ... If Californians approve Proposi...
8/2/12 at 3:41 PM
Test your broadband speed 8/24/11 at 5:41 PM
Daugaard’s homework 9/14/10 at 4:13 PM LINDUS CONSTRUCTION
Home Appliances Have Joined the “Smart” Revolution
Did you ever believe it was possible that your refrigerator would tell you what to buy, cook or eat? What about being able to download new washing cycle for your washing machine or have your oven and ...
7/13/12 at 8:39 AM JIMMY JABBER
Flood proved worth of electronic media
Duluth was treated to Mother Natures softer side during Grandmas Marathon weekend so much so that the News Tribune pointed it out in the headline of a follow-up story Monday. What she brought out ...
6/24/12 at 12:00 AM
There’s no one to blame but yourself for missing class 12/27/11 at 1:00 AM
Passion cools for iPhone after latest release 10/6/11 at 12:00 AM THE ATTIC
Newfangled 'electronic' mail, 1976
When I'm looking for something on microfilm of old papers, I find a lot of other interesting stories and ads - sometime much more interesting than what I was searching for in the first place. Here's ...
6/13/12 at 2:16 PM
Minnesota's last party-line phone system 10/26/11 at 8:42 AM CONCORDIA COLLEGE
Transforming Teaching
When Rebecca Sheldon '06 first started looking for a master's program, she was discouraged. It seemed like her only option was to study Spanish literature something that wouldn't help her teach forei...
Creating my first animated GIF
For years I've seen annoying animated sidebar ads on the web that repeated the same 10 frames over and over and over. But how do they work? I can't explain it, but I've finally figured out how to d...
5/4/12 at 2:14 PM
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