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Hungarian Mushroom Soup
The first time I saw the word Hungarian describing mushroom soup, I was perplexed. I am a descendent of grandparents who came to the United States from Hungary when they were young adults. My mother w...
10/2/11 at 12:19 AM
Need a dunker? Try a Cruller. 11/28/10 at 1:01 AM
Autumn Chili--You Won't Even Miss the Meat 10/8/10 at 12:01 AM FATHER KNOWS LAST
Teenage Communication
Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, according to relationship counselor John Gray. The way men and women interact with the world around them is SO different, that its almost like they are di...
8/17/11 at 7:25 PM ROVING REPORTER
Exploring Central Lima Part II
Lima gets a bad rap in travelers' circles. It's seen as ugly, aimlessly sprawling -- a stopover point for excursions to much more picturesque spots like Machu Pichu or the Amazon rainforest. People ty...
7/22/11 at 11:47 AM
Exploring Central Lima 7/13/11 at 5:41 PM HOME AND AWAY
Weather in NZ and other things not-ND
We are often asked, What is the weather like in New Zealand? Invariably the conversation takes place from a point where snow-covered scenes surround us. Our research trips to NZ are determined by the ...
4/2/11 at 1:15 PM MY FIRST LINK
Sandbag Central Needs Volunteers
From noon to 6pm today Sandbag Central will be in great need of volunteers....
3/7/11 at 9:38 AM GOETHE'S SPORTS BLOG
Gardy admits obvious, doubts Morneau will return this season
Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said Friday what most already assumed. He doubts first baseman Justin Morneau - out since suffering a concussion July 7- will return this season. I've had a bad...
9/24/10 at 2:47 PM
B Team gets it done as Twins catch Yankees 9/23/10 at 12:20 AM
With most precincts reporting, I'm calling it: Twins are in 9/18/10 at 7:26 PM DIRTY LAUNDRY
Here and gone
My son Matt and I returned from a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C. Saturday, and I spent Sunday recouping, doing laundry and repacking. I leave this morning for a two-day trip to Camp Ripley to embed...
6/21/10 at 12:19 AM
Live and in concert...its MCC Choir 10/15/09 at 11:34 PM STAFF BLOGREGGIE TALES
Random Thursday
*The Kentucky Headhunters are going to be at the Marshall County Fair in Warren, Mn at the end of July.  Remember them? *The WDAZ newsroom temperature is about 65 degrees.  I like it.  ...
5/20/10 at 1:45 PM RINK AND RUN
2010 Scouting Bureau Final Rankings
     A couple of things Wednesday afternoon. The Division I All-American teams will be announced this week in Detroit, at the site of the Frozen Four, and it wouldn't be surprising if M...
4/7/10 at 12:53 PM
NHL Scouting: Mid-Term Rankings 1/11/10 at 10:28 AM
NHL Scouting Bureau Update 10/20/09 at 4:55 PM WHILE YOU WERE IN
Also Good Bets: Today-Dec. 24
DNT file photo of the Harbor City Roller Dames If Facebook chatter is any kind of indication of how big an event will be, and I have to believe it is, then the Harbor City Roller Dames bout with Miss...
12/16/09 at 7:31 PM
The haps from Beaner's songwriter competition 9/25/09 at 7:49 AM
Also Good Bets: Today-Sept. 9 9/2/09 at 7:15 AM
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