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Carson Wentz out with apparent knee injury as Eagles clinch NFC East

970 WDAY: The CGP Podcast - Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss garnered almost instant fame across the nation through the hugely popular reality show on A&E, Storage Wars. He's since moved on to a new A&E show, Barry'd Treasure. Barry returned to the program to discuss those shows, his love of PBR (the bulls, not the beer) and what's next.

Christopher Gabriel
Christopher Gabriel... The Christopher Gabriel Program can be heard weekdays on WDAY Radio 6 – 9 am CT. The program has been nominated for Best Radio Show in the Red River Valley in 2012, 2013 and 2014. News, sports, politics, film, music, books, food and the quirky side of life… if you’re talking about it, and even if you’re not, he’s talking about it. Christopher brings an endless network of people-in-the-know on the program from Fargo to around the world. There's also his "Listener Correspondents" who will report live from Grant Park in Chicago for Lollapalooza, break down the art of cutting hair from a barber shop in Jamestown (ND) or critique a new ride at Disneyland. Christopher’s brand of talk radio offers depth, humor and all sides of an issue with a thoughtful perspective. Christopher is a proud native of Chicago, has an amazing wife, two incredible daughters and continues to remind folks the key to a Chicago-style hot dog is celery salt.
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