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Write-in votes slow precinct reporting

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Not everybody takes the election seriously.

The Elections Coordinator says the one of the biggest delay in reporting results came from the counting of write-in ballots.

Write-in races are uncommon in Cass County, but 410 people voted for write-in candidates to fill a vacant third seat on the Fargo Park Board.

Those ballots took an additional 90 minutes to count.

Only a handful of contested races saw people vote for a write-in candidates.

And many of those votes were... "creative."

DeAnn Buckhouse- Cass County Election Coordinator: “One of them had "lizard people" as a write-in. You know? So I had (volunteers asking) 'Do I have to report that?' No."

By law, a vote for a write-in candidate will not be counted unless they receive enough votes to constitute 1% of all ballots cast.