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World Cup Puts Spotlight On Soccer

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After a last minute goal by Portugal, the US National team now waits until after tomorrow’s showdown with Germany to see if they advance in the World Cup. The early success is helping the sport gain some recognition in the States. Here in the Valley, the sport has a bright future.

It’s so surprise that soccer isn’t the most popular sport here in the United States, but during the World Cup, American soccer fans are coming out of the woodwork. For this group behind me, their soccer fever is year round.

 Max Hodny – ‘If people start watching the World Cup they’ll figure out it’s a fun sport to play and that if you do really well you could go play in the world cup.'

Seth Kotzbacher – ‘It’s a world sport and it keeps on growing and growing because people watch it on television and they think they want to do that.'

 You would think for a group of youngsters playing for the Tri-city Storm who look up to players like Clint Dempsey, Jose Altidore and Tim Howard, that the USA would be a shoe in when asked who they thought would win the World Cup. Well, think again.

‘Who do you think is going to win the World Cup?’

Hodny – ‘Argentina.’

Jack Cella – ‘Germany and Brazil.”

Kotzbacher – ‘Portugal maybe or the Netherlands.'

Gabe Benson – ‘Brazil.’

But that doesn’t mean they’re not cheering for the Red White and Blue

Hodny – ‘They’re just doing really good.’

Cella – ‘I hope Jose Altidore can start playing again.’

Kotzbacher – ‘They could win it. It’s an iffy chance.’

 Soccer is steadily climbing the ranks in American sports, but is far away from challenging football and basketball in popularity. For those who don’t think soccer is entertaining, talking to this group could change their mind.

Benson – ‘I think people think it’s boring when they watch because they think you just stand there and pass the ball back and forth but you really run around and pass it and score.’

 It’s safe to say these kids will be paying close attention between now and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The real question is how many will be joining them. Tim Frie WDAY 6 Sports.

Tim Frie

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