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Woman attacked by a pitbull while walking her dogs

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Woman attacked by a pitbull while walking her dogs
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Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - For a Detroit Lakes woman, it started as a routine walk with her two poodles.

But within minutes, she says a neighbor's pitbull brutally attacked and killed the small dogs.


Judy Dey's poodles were more like family.

Judy Dey/ Poodle Owner: “They were very, very important to me. I live alone, so really, they were my company.”

But when Dey leashed up Snickers and Tiki for a walk this week, she had no idea it would be their last.

Dey: “All of a sudden, a white pitbull was there.  And he just grabbed the dogs and starting shaking them. I would go to rescue one dog and he would go and grab the other one.”

Dey was walking her dogs here, less than a block from home, when the neighbor's pitbull ran over and attacked them. At first she was terrified, but now she's angry the dog wasn't contained.

Dey:” I think those dogs don't belong in the neighborhood.”

And the attack makes other neighbors nervous.

Margaret Ziemer/ Neighbor: “It is scary. My neighbor would like to get a dog, but I'm hesitant. I don't want something like that happening.”

While the case is still under investigation the Pitbull is being held at the pound and city administrators must determine if the dog will be euthanized or returned to its owner.

We knocked on the owner's door, but no one was available to comment.

Ziemer: “I think it's a very sad thing ladies of the neighborhood can't safely walk their dogs.”

And while Dey mourns the loss of her companions, she hopes her experience will alert the neighborhood.

Dey: “I just want my dogs and I hope we don't have any more dangerous dogs in that neighborhood.”

Dey re-injured a surgical wound while fending off the pitbull.

A fund called Judith Day Donation has been set up at Wells Fargo Banks to help her cover expenses.

Catherine Ross
Catherine joined the WDAY 6 News team as a reporter and photographer in April of 2014 and is honored to bring you stories from around the Red River Valley. She grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and got her first taste of the news industry during a high school mentorship at Fox 9 in the Twin Cities. Catherine graduated from Emerson College in Boston where she participated in the student-run TV station WEBN and spent a semester in Washington, DC working at Voice of America. Those opportunities gave her a front-row seat to the 2012 Presidential election cycle, reporting at the Iowa Caucuses, Republican National Convention and President Obama’s second inauguration. Now happy to be back closer to family, Catherine enjoys exploring the nature and culture of the upper Midwest. She’s an avid runner, novice foodie and lifelong Twins fan. If you have any story ideas or just want to say hello, Catherine would love to hear from you!