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Wisconsin man getting NFL tryout with help of mom

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Wisconsin man getting NFL tryout with help of mom
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De Pere, WI (CNN) - A Wisconsin man is getting the chance of a lifetime, he's trying-out for an NFL team, all thanks to his biggest fan, his mother.



"I can't wait."

Playing on a dandelion-dusted field is a team of guys chasing dreams, led by one player maybe about to realize his own.

"I have never had this happen before."

Twenty-one-year-old Zac Carter only played one season of high school football at De Pere high school, didn't play in college, but he's done well enough in semi-pro football with teams in green bay and now in two rivers, to catch the eye of an NFL scout, finding out recently the team wants to fly him in for a tryout.

Zac Carter/NFL Prospect: "Honestly, I cried, just to get this opportunity."

Marco Alfaro/ Manitowoc Co. Mariners Head Coach:  "Everybody's looking for the next Kurt Warner. You know, Kurt Warner was stocking shelves at one point."

Carter is trying out for an AFC team in late June, though he doesn't want to say exactly which team publicly.  He doesn't want to jinx it or risk upsetting the team's front office.  

Carter got noticed without the benefit of a well-connected agent.  What he does have is a much more powerful advocate in his corner.

Nicole Carter/Zac's Mother: "I taped all of his games, went on the computer, made a demo."

Zac's mom, Nicole, did the leg work and paid for postage.

Nicole: "Sent it to every single team out there."

The persistence paid off.  Zac is getting his NFL tryout, but that might not be the biggest benefit of mom and son working together.

Nicole: "I've been fighting cancer, and this has made my focus and my strength to get better even that much higher."

Zac: "Your mom knows the best of you, and she'll do whatever she can.  She just wants to see me succeed."

Nicole: "Make it or don't make it, at least you made it this far.  I don't know anyone else that can honestly say, I got to try out for an NFL team.  In my books, he's already made it.  He's a winner either way."

A winner on the field, and more importantly, with family.