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Wedding at Trollwood Park Thursday all about second chances

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A wedding at Trollwood Park tonight was all about second chances.


The faith-based Jail Chaplains program at the Cass County Jail hosted the ceremony for one of their returning citizens.

James Williams and Sawain Zahir met in Fargo five years ago - Sawain says she knew immediately that James was the one.

But trouble and substance abuse came between them - James served time in Cass County Jail.

Now, they say having God in their lives has changed everything.

They're the sights we've come to expect at a wedding.

A cake, a nervous groom, and a beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

But this joyful celebration came from hardship.

Chaplain Sonju: "I met James in jail."

The groom - James Williams - is part of the jail chaplains program: a faith-based mentorship program in the Cass County Jail offering inmates hope.

When James met Sawain Zahir five years ago, they were in a darker place.

Sawain Zahir/Bride: "We didn't have God in our lives, we had many bumps, many mistakes."

James Williams/Groom/Former Inmate: "I would drink and become a different person - I would take off."

One day, James was pulled over for DUI. He had no drivers' license, and was carrying a knife.

He served time in Cass County Jail.

There, he became involved with the jail chaplains - which he says turned his life around.

James: "I'm living proof that even the most evil of us can change through Jesus Christ. If you just pray, what do you have to lose?"

Sawain: "Having God in our life has changed everything."

Now, the newlyweds are celebrating not only their marriage, but their renewed hope.

They look forward to their new life together - and raising their 3-year-old daughter, Sonya.

James: "it's just an exciting day. I'm a lucky man married to a beautiful woman."

Sawain: "This is such a blessing, but what I was looking forward to most is having God bless our family."

Everything needed to make today's wedding possible was donated.

They included the festivities with the Jail Chaplain's annual picnic.