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Water Rising Around Lakes Country

Audubon, MN (WDAY TV) - The Red River isn't the only body of water causing headaches. Lakes Country property owners are seeing rising water, too.2 / 2

Audubon, MN (WDAY TV) - The Red River isn't the only body of water causing headaches.

Lakes Country property owners are seeing rising water, too.

Here at Little Cormorant Lake the water level has risen significantly, causing some boat owners to have to redo and raise the dock levels.

David Buchholz/Lake Property Owner: "I think another inch and we probably would have lost the boats."

David Buchholz says he had to spring into action Saturday morning, after finding part of his dock underwater.

Buchholz: "We were about chin deep trying to pick it out of the water and you know moving it up about six feet back on to some dry land you know before the pontoon was about ready to float into the lake."

That was a fate not everyone on the lake has avoided, Buchholz says an 8-inch rise in the water caused a few neighbors to scramble for their boats.

Buchholz: "Fortunately they didn't get too bad into the rocks and you know they floated them back to the lifts."

Buchholz says he's lucky, but doesn't wish the extra work on anyone.

Buchholz: "Take everything off take all the boards off the dock and roll it you know get it back on shore, level it off and then take the lifts and get them next to the dock again.”

And will do things differently next year.

Buchholz: "I decided to put it in a little bit deep thinking by July 4th there would be a little water underneath and since we put it in its rained and rained and rained..." 

Buchholz: "A learning experience again.”

Buchholz says it took nearly an hour and a half despite having the help of 4 friends to get his dock back up and running.

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