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Waste Management's LampTracker program

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Waste Management's LampTracker program
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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Waste Management's LampTracker program is going green.

The program provides customers with a total-care approach when it comes to their fluorescent lamps.

Every year, billions of energy efficient fluorescent lamps are sold.

But, if not disposed of correctly can be dangerous because of the mercury inside.

The Lamp Tracker program allows you to order a VaporLok container and when the container is full... send the lamps back for proper disposal.

Paul Hussian/ LampTracker Business Development Manager: “We recommend recycling any and all spent fluorescent lamps, but the homeowners even more difficult to recycle. You might have a compact florescent in your house today. That contains a small amount of mercury. That should not be thrown away in your household trash.”

To learn more about the LampTracker program, contact Lisa Angrimson at

Bryn Nelson
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