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Warm weather has ice fishers heading out on the ice

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Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - The warm sunny weekend was a welcome change for anglers itching to get out on the ice.

The mad rush to the lakes made for a booming weekend at local bait shops.


"Such a nice day, you can't beat the weather right now."

On a day like this why not skip the ice house and leave behind the hat and gloves while you're at it.

Stefan Bischof/Ice Fishing: "In the winter you're confined all the time. It's nice just to be out with no walls."

The weather is bringing some extra sunshine into Quality Bait & Tackle, a popular stop near Big Detroit Lake.

With a constantly revolving door of customers, owner John Store says business this weekend doubled.

John Store/Quality Bait & Tackle: "They've been cooped up where they can't get out and enjoy the winter, because of the cold and the wind."

Fortunately for John, many anglers around here are resilient and aren't going to let a little 30 below temperatures keep them off the ice. That's why he says sales didn't suffer much.

And those not willing to brave the temperatures use those days to stock up on supplies.

Store: "They come in and buy rods and reels and tackle and they do that when the wind is blowing or it's not so nice out."

So, here's hoping the break in cold lasts and the fish keep biting.