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Vermont woman's security camera catches furry visitor (w/ video)

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Vermont woman's security camera catches furry visitor (w/ video)
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Weybridge, VT (CNN) - A woman in Vermont finds her bird house in shambles and turns to her security footage to figure out what happened. She could "bearly" believe what she saw on the video. It was a black bear on the hunt for a snack.


Mary Lou Miller - Bear Prowled Through Yard: "Low and behold, there was the bear!"

Mary Lou Miller's security camera is supposed to deter unwanted guests. But, one furry visitor didn't realize he was being watched.

Mary Lou Miller: "And he walked right down that sidewalk, right by our windows."

A bear struts onto Miller's yard Monday night, making a dash for a bird feeder right next to the house.

Mary Lou Miller: "Apparently the bear took it and he was mad, because the bird feeder was hooked here."

There's not much left.

Mary Lou Miller: "There's no fixing it."

Miller's house wasn't the only stop for the little guy -- little at least in terms of size. Holes in the screen porch at a neighbor's house revealed big intentions.

Mary Lou Miller: "I didn't sleep very good last night. And I'm glad I had my curtains closed, because if I had opened those up, that bear would have been right there."

True or not, Miller feels much safer behind closed doors.

Mary Lou Miller: "Well, I'm sure not going to invite him in, that's for sure!"

But that doesn't mean he won't turn up again -- invited or not.

Mary Lou Miller: "I'm more scared for my two Boston Terriers. So, when I let them out, I just kind of stand there."

And, to deter a second visit, she's taking precautions.

Reporter: "Do you wish you had taken the feeder down?"

Mary Lou Miller: "Yes, I wish I had remembered it. I will from now on in."

Bears are out of hibernation and they are hungry. So, to avoid any unexpected visits, bring in those bird feeders and make sure to lock up your trash.

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