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US faces tough foe in Germany with advancement on the line

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US faces tough foe in Germany with advancement on the line
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Recife, Brazil (CNN) - The US and Germany will go head-to-head at the World Cup Thursday. With both sides even with four points, a draw would see them both through. Here’s what the US and Germany are up against, and the friendship beneath the rivalry.


Team USA faces a tough opponent in the final group match. Germany is ranked second in the world, a roster filled with stars. Both teams only need a draw to advance to the next round, and the coaches - Juergen Klinsmann for the US and Joachim Loew of the German squad - are old pals. Still, Klinsmann shot down rumors the two might conspire, to make sure the game ends in a draw.

Juergen Klinsmann – Team USA Coach: “We think alike. We come from the same region in southern Germany. And we always stay in contact. Now to this World Cup, obviously, everybody is doing the best he can do."

Klinsmann was Loew's boss leading Germany's National Team in the 2006 World Cup. Together,  they introduced new training methods, many hailed as revolutionary. They’re methods Klinsmann brought to Team USA when he took over the head-coaching job in 2011.

Joachim Loew – Team Germany Coach: “"Our relationship as always been great over the years. Germany's Coach Joachim Loew said. We worked together very closely, we trust each other, we complimented each other well. That friendship will not suffer."

But even though they are very close, it doesn't mean they operate the same way.

While Juergen Klinsmann and Joachim Loew are very good friends,  they have very different coaching styles.

On the one hand you have the great motivator Llinsmann, on the other side Loew is more reserved, a cool tactician. But both of them say, they are on this game to win.

Team USA certainly has the Germans’ respect - with their physical and passionate play.

Mesut Ozil – Germany : "We know how dangerous team USA can be if we only play at 90 per cent and not take them seriously, but if we focus on our game and do what the coach says, we will beat the US. "

Germany against the USA is a match with many powerful story lines: David versus Goliath, the master against the apprentice, passion and determination versus skill and precision - a game that has all the ingredients of an exciting football fest.