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Two unusual court cases come to close in Cass County Court

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Two unusual court cases come to close in Cass County Court
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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Two men will not spend any more time in jail, after two unusual cases come to a close in Cass County Court.

One case, a fight over leaving up a toilet seat. The second, a sushi knife stabbing.

24-year-old Thaddeus Morgan of Fargo changed his plea to guilty, admitting to assaulting his sister over a toilet seat.

Leah Viste/Cass Co. Asst. State's Attorney: "It does appear that it was a simply a sibling fight that got out of control, yeah."

Documents say it started when Morgan forgot to put the seat down, making his sister mad. Morgan pushed and hit her, then tried to stop her from making a 911 call. He was sentenced to one year supervised probation, and anger management assessments.

Viste: "Certainly when people can't contain themselves and act out aggressively and strike one another, that's problematic."

Then later on, the same Cass County judge heard the case of Lin Zhong, a former sushi chef at Osaka in Fargo.

The 31-year-old New York chef was charged with felony-level assault, after documents say he got into a fight with another chef, then stabbed him in the hip with a 12-inch sushi knife.

Zhong was found not guilty by lack of criminal responsibility.

Viste: "There was an evaluation performed on Mr. Zhong which indicated that he had a level of psychosis, which indicated he didn't have the ability to comprehend his conduct."

Instead of prison time, Zhong will temporarily be committed to the state hospital for more treatment and evaluations.

Zhong will have another hearing in 90 days to go over his mental health treatment and evaluations.

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