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Triceratops excavated in Bowman County

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Triceratops excavated in Bowman County
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Valley City, ND (WDAY TV) - A local paleontologist has excavated and reconstructed the fossil of a triceratops dinosaur.

It's big, too big, even for the museum in Valley City.


Over the past year, Allen Komrosky worked to bring "bob" from the ground in western North Dakota's Bowman County to the Barnes County Historical Museum in Valley City.

One problem: Bob's skull is bigger than the museum door.

For now, the triceratops will wait in the assembly garage down the street until he finds a new home.

His price tag, $1.4 million, still, not enough to make the seller rich.

Alan Komrosky/ Commercial Paleontologist: "There can be 20,000, or 21,000 hours invested into a project this size. When you figure it all out you're not making very much per fact...the minimum wage maybe."

Komrosky wants to keep Bob in the state, and top buying candidates include Hector Airport, and the Heritage Center in Bismarck.

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