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Tim McGraw serenades fan at concert

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Atlanta, GA (CNN) - A touching moment between Tim McGraw and a fan caught on video. If you think you're a huge Tim McGraw fan, this Georgia woman may have you beat.


If you think you're a country music fan, think again. Sarah Fodor can't stop strumming. But to be fair, she's sure gotten more than her share of inspiration.

“Yeah, we were in like Row K and a guy from the second row comes back and told me to take her up,” says Sarah’s mother Barbara Foder.

There at the bottom of your screen, watch the man in the black shirt, lift Sarah onto the stage.

“He asked him if he could put her up there and move his guitar so she could get up there,” says Barbara.

And move his guitar out of the way and he put me up there by him, I accidentally moved my body and I was sitting by him,” says Tim McGraw fan Sarah Fodor.

And that's how Sarah, daughter of the world's biggest self-proclaimed Tim McGraw fan.

Sarah, whose original ticket was at least a dozen rows back, found herself right there singing and swaying with the man himself.

“I can't believe that he would choose me,” says Sarah.

And take another look at that gorgeous guitar she's playing.

“I started crying I didn't even realize he had given her the guitar or signed and or anything until they handed it to me and I just started crying myself, I couldn't thank him enough,” says Barbara.

Hundreds of thousands of us - shared and reshared. Playing the video, living the joy of that moment, but if watching the shaky cell phone video makes you smile.

“Do it Tim, do it.”

Just imagine how Sarah must feel. A simple song, a simple gesture, but for one fan, it meant the world.

“When he played that song it touched my heart,” says Sarah.

“Oh because he sang you're so beautiful? You are beautiful.”