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Strict rules in place for runoff from construction sites

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Strict rules in place for runoff from construction sites
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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If you have been driving around those newer developments, you maybe have noticed the roads are full of water.

In order to reduce pollution into the river, the city and state have strict rules on runoff from residential construction sites.


Developers, contractors and home owners all have a role in getting permits, and putting up "perimeter controls", inlet protection, and silt fences to keep debris from the storm drains.

West Fargo does inspect and even cite those responsible for violating the rules.

Chris Brungardt/ City of West Fargo: "We are trying to keep the roads clean we are trying to protect roads and water going into the rivers to it is a green effort to protect drinking water."

The permit holder is responsible for all EPA and North Dakota Health Department regulations.

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