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Streets Alive promotes healthier lifestyle

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Some of Fargo's downtown streets closed to cars but opened to all kinds of human-powered transportation today.

For the second time this summer, StreetsAlive took over.

The event blocked off 3 miles of downtown streets to encourage walking, running, biking and all kinds of physical activity today. This marks the 5th year of StreetsAlive in the metro.

And new this year -- a test strip of pop-up bike lanes. Organizers hope the activities help encourage a healthy lifestyle.     

Keely Ihry/Health Educator, StreetsAlive: " 'Three mile bike ride... that's not all that bad. I could ride my bike to work that one mile or ride to school that mile...' and really try to get out and be physically active in their everyday life as well."

StreetsAlive is a worldwide movement. It originated in South America and has since spread as far as Northern Europe.