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Snake eats croc, all caught on video (w/ video)

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Snake eats croc, all caught on video (w/ video)
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Akagera National Park, Rwanda (CNN) - It was a battle to the bitter end: snake versus croc. An enormous water python swallowed a one-meter crocodile in Australia. The video of their run-in went viral, and soon afterwards cameras caught a similar sight in Rwanda.

Dawn breaks over Akagera National Park in Rwanda and the early birds - both feathered and otherwise - are up and about their business. Visitors to the Ruzizi Lodge had spent the previous night discussing a remarkable YouTube video showing a python eating a crocodile. By then the compelling scenes had drawn almost 25 million views.

Staff at the lodge told us they had never seen a python in this part of the park - but that was about to change. Less than 12 hours after that discussion Croc vs Snake: The Sequel was being played out underneath the breakfast terrace.

Just beneath the water surface a three meter python had ensnared a young crocodile in its coils. Over the course of the next two hours the snake held its prey, readjusting its crushing grip from time to time. Occasionally the battle broke the water surface, revealing clearer glimpses of the crocodile.

The duel was observed by another crocodile no more than twenty meters away. A dragonfly calmly watched the struggle from a much closer vantage point. Finally satisfied that the young croc was subdued, the snake attempted to devour its prey.

Opening its jaws to their widest extreme the snake tried several times to envelop the crocodiles head. On the third attempt it succeeded. After that it was a matter of twenty minutes until the tail disappeared inside the snake.

Satisfied with its morning's work, the python slithered off into deeper water, its body engorged by the shape of the crocodile. Park rangers told us it would not need to eat for another four months; one less crocodile and one less snake for other users of the water to worry about.

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