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Six days until Minnesota's Fishing opener

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Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - It's now six days until Minnesota's Fishing opener and Detroit Lakes specialty shops are already catching anglers getting ready.


Fisherman after Fisherman rolled into Quality Bait and Tackle today -- grabbing bait for "croppie" fishing -- looking at the latest in lures -- and asking where the best spots on the lakes are to reel in that big walleye or northern pike.

The pre-season activity a contrast to this time last year when temperatures dipped below freezing -- keeping ice on the water -- and anglers out.

Jake Judd/Detroit Lakes Fisherman: "The water's still going to be cold but at least there's not ice floating in it and you know the fishing might be pretty good with the ice being out this late even but just in time to get all, you know everything opened up, so it could be a very very exciting year and I think a lot of people are excited to get out"

Judd says rain or shine, he'll be out on the water next weekend.

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