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Shanley to be very competitive in AA

Fargo, ND (WDAY Sports) - The words Shanley football and overconfident have not gone together in recent years, but as the deacons prepare for a new season, the coach is on guard for complacency.

Shanley went 2-8 last year and now is moving from class AAA down to AA. The Deacons should be very competitive, but the first year in a new situation can be a strange adjustment.

"New places and new faces and we have to figure out each of these new teams and there's an element of unknown about where the school is and where to get dressed and how do we get to the field and losing the old rivalries you're used to so it's new for us and each week will be a new challenge and one our kids are looking forward to."

We haven't seen these new teams that we'll play and we don't know and can't really rule them out as being worse or better than any of the teams we have been playing.

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